Sunday, July 27, 2014

Currently, vol 56.

I am currently relaxing and reading a boom. I had an ice cream cone for dinner and salad for breakfast at work. I am trying to survive right now as I am working 11 days in a row. I'm hoping to have a real post up next Sunday. Hope you all had a good weekend! I'm probably gonna fall asleep before 8pm let's be real. 
This week is/was the Lake County Fair! It was super good, but very expensive. We rode a couple rides. Ate junk food like corn, ice cream, and my fave: a deep fried Milky Way! Bella Cain (a local touring band) played for a couple hours. We had black cherry Mike's and danced the night away. (By we: myself and mom). It was a ton of fun! 

Have a good week! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Currently, vol 55.

So... July blogging almost didn't happen. Is it sad that I really don't want to sit on my laptop and type away... So I said, "Brittany, you are going to blog. Now." I have been super busy. Hopefully all the things I need to do get worked out, and I hope I can make decisions about school soon. So much going on, but no time!

Here is what's going on currently..
Reading: Girls In White Dress. I renewed it at the library once. Maybe I will actually read it. I am just not in the mood after reading all semester. 
Thinking: about my giant and ever growing to-do list. 
Listening: to the radio in the background and neighbors partying. 
Writing: this post and then heading outside to relax. We broke out the kiddie pool for the choocers. 
Smelling: nothing
Wishing: for a good run maybe today or tomorrow. I've been lazy and it is showing. 
Hoping: for help making my decisions easier. My heart and mind are so tense and upset over things right now. 
Wearing: comfy summer clothes.
Loving: the nice breeze outside. It is supposed to be hot the beginning of the week. Boo.
Wanting: to take a nap.
Needing: to take a shower after work today. The a/c stopped working in the BOH (back of house) at Panera. Talk about hot.
Feeling: tired and worn out emotionally.
Clicking: Publish.

Hope you all have a great week!

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