Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Blessings.

Today has been uncharacteristically great. Let's just say that most everyday my emotions swing hard in both good and bad directions related to the stress of being a nursing student.

Blessing #1: I woke up this morning before my 8am alarm, surprisingly. I ate chocolate mini-donuts because I felt like it, and I watched the Bachelor. Juan Pablo has an awesome accent let me tell you. Plus he is attractive! This was a great start to my morning.

Blessing #2: I proceeded to get ready for my 11am Nursing Research class by taking a shower, picking out an outfit, and packing my lunch. My blessing was listening to my Christian station on Spotify. (This is a big deal being that my laptop is finally working after literally months of it not working, and a trip to the repair center in Texas). There are only three songs on my playlist, but it was so great because I needed it.

Blessing #3: After class, I went to Starbucks, and I might start going every Tuesday. Here's why... I know a barista named Eddie, and he and I are friends (ish). It's hard to explain. So here's the story.... I was being taken care of by another barista, and he walks up saying, "I'll take over for you (to the other dude). What can I get you(talking to me)?" I proceeded to order, and tried to give him money. He said, "For you, no charge." He follows that line with a wink. Let's just say, I haven't been that excited about free coffee in a long time. It was the perfect day for him to do such an unexpected gesture. I haven't stopped smiling (on the inside). That would be weird if I smiled for hours while studying for pathophysiology.
A friend fed my coffee addiction.
I am so thankful.
Blessing #4: While at studying at Starbucks, someone randomly walks up to me. I look up, and it is one of my great friends, Emily. I don't get to see her that often, and it warmed my heart to see her face in person. She is one of the busiest people I have ever met! That is another reason I can't stop smiling.

By now, you are probably thinking enough with the blessings or something like that.

Blessing #5: Lori. Another great friend of mine is an extremely busy student teacher this semester. She is graduating this year among other friends of mine. I get to have dinner with her faithfully once a week. She is a constant reminder with how busy she is that we all need to push through. I will get dinner with her tomorrow evening. Therefore, she is my future blessing. (Plus her hugs are the bomb.com)

I feel truly blessed today. I am so thankful for the people I have interacted with today. They have made me feel loved. Some days, I just don't have the drive to do anything, but today I have felt so positive about the future. Maybe it's all the caffeine (hazelnut coffee from the BBC and a venti mocha), but maybe I am just starting to see all the potential for my life. Things have been so negative since the end of last semester due to the overwhelming emotions of failing of my first med-surg class of nursing school, but I am ready to be a successful person. I feel like this post is so random now, but I can't express how ready I am for the rest of my life. So, it's time to dig deep in my studies, and prove to the world that I am nursing student not to be messed with!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." -Joshua 1:9 This verse has stuck with me for a while, and it is just what I needed this week.

Hope you all have had a great or at least good Tuesday.

P.S. I hit over 10,000 pageviews last night!

Monday, February 24, 2014

New rules, new me.

I have been thinking for some time now about how unhealthy I am, how unhealthy I feel, and I want to become a different person. A healthier, better person awaits. I have decided to make some changes for the better. I guess this could be a sort of "New Year's Resolution"? 

Here are my new rules for myself...
-No more drive thrus. If I want it bad enough, I will get out of my car to get it.
-No more soda. This isn't crazy huge, but I honestly feel sick after drinking soda.
-No more negativity. Lately, I have seen the negative in a lot. 
-More time with God. (This shouldn't be a rule, but more of a lifestyle.)
-More time becoming fit. I don't have tons of time in my schedule, but even if it's for ten minutes. 
-More time for my family and friends. I want to be more social, not all the time, but it is necessary.

This is my public list. I have things I have been contemplating privately for a long time. I really need to start doing it. No more excuses.

Do you have any rules you live by? 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Currently, vol 42.

Reading.. many books for school. I might just start The Fault in Her Stars tonight. I borrowed it from my friend Ashley.

Writing.. not a whole lot. Possibly beginning my notes tonight or tomorrow for patho.

Thinking.. that it's sad the Olympics are over. I really enjoyed them this year. I am really looking forward to Rio 2016 because I love the summer games, and I will be finished with school at that time!

Listening.. the closing ceremonies and two snoring doggies.

Smelling.. jelly beans that I was snacking on.

Wishing.. for a good week in school.

Wearing.. a t-shirt and adidas pants.

Loving.. the day I had despite having a terrible morning.

Wanting.. to lay down in a little while. Being a female sucks.

Needing.. to plan times to begin my 5k training. Mom is signing us up as I type for the Race to Wrigley. It is a 5k for the Chicago Cubs. The race is a charity event for Lurie Children's Hospital. It is in April.

Feeling.. tired.

Clicking.. Publish!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Currently, vol 41.

Happy Sunday bloggers! I am in such a better mood from yesterday. Valentine's Day, I worked for 13.5 hours, and it just about killed me. I cashiered for 6 hours, and I did dishes for the remainder of the time. My hands are completely cracked and peeling. I was so exhausted that I slept for ten hours, but I was just insanely crabby and tired yesterday. I am feeling so much better! I am watching bobsledding while doing homework and blogging. I decided to skip church because there is just so much to do before needing to go to the bread bash (Panera team meetings) at 7 tonight. 
My valentine's gift from mom.
Shirt, via mocha, and Reese's!
My cuties snuggling on the couch this morning!

Reading.. lots and lots of books for school. 

Writing.. a couple of short papers this week along with re-doing my notes for my pathophysiology exam on Wednesday! 

Thinking.. about the importance of doing well with my classes this semester. I just have to keep pushing!

Listening.. to Olympic bobsledding on my iPhone since I don't have the NBCSN. So it's technically live which is awesome. I'm waiting for the Jamaican team! Cool Runnings!

Smelling.. a combo of bath and body work's soap and Reese's. 

Wishing.. There was more hours in the day or that I would be more productive. Both would be nice! 

Wearing.. a hoodie and sweats. My Sunday best! 

Loving.. the sunshine! This is a repeat of last week, but hey it's true.

Wanting.. to write my Geology paper in under an hour and a half. 

Needing.. to start exercising again. I feel so sluggish. 

Feeling.. good. 

Clicking.. Publish!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Currently, vol 40.

Happy Sunday! I am doing homework all day today (minus church), and I will accompany homework tonight by watching the Olympics! I really love the Olympics because it is a time for the world to come together despite all the things that drive countries apart. My favorite sport is probably snowboarding and skiing! I really love the sports, but I am not very good at either. I ran into a tree skiing when I was 12. I will be excited to root for Gracie Gold tonight! She lives about 45 minutes from my town! 
Go USA!!!

This week's shenanigans in Geology. hehe

Reading.. all of my lovely textbooks of course! Right now is Chronic Illness:Impact and Intervention. It is really interesting, but the chapters for class are so long!
Writing.. my responses to questions about the above mentioned book. It should take about another hour. I hope!

Thinking.. about my to-do list. I fell behind with some of my reading. I told myself, "Of course you'll have time to read... just one more hour of the Olympics are left." Gosh. Someone needs to tell me to get it together. 
Listening.. to the radio in the background...one of Rihanna's songs I don't like. 

Smelling.. nothing right now. 

Wishing.. I was talented enough to go to the Olympics! The only sport I could go for would be volleyball. 

Wearing.. my comfy brown sweater that I wore to church, and my super warm sweatpants. 

Loving.. the sunshine! Despite all the snow and cold weather, I really do love the sun. 

Wanting.. to get back to my homework... The Olympics are my motivation for everything now. 

Needing.. for it to be Thursday already... It's going to be 32 degrees!!!! That will be the first time above freezing since last year I think?

Feeling.. sleepy. 

Clicking.. Publish!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh the snow...

The snow is bringing me down. It is so beautiful while I am in doors, but the second I step outside I become the scrooge of snow. It snowed another four or five inches over night here in IL. I think it is official to say that we have nowhere to put it...

This is an understatement of the piles of snow we have on campus. Most piles are literally 15 feet tall! It is causing a lot of problems with travel especially. My commute was a measly 25 minutes compared to the 7 minutes in normal weather. Today my professor (who travels from IN) postponed class an hour due to the weather.  The snow is officially starting to impact my education!!! I wish it was just an excuse, but it is definitely the truth. Except for now where I have a 6 hour break, and I have spent the first hour reading blogs, listening to songs on YouTube, and eating pretzels with peanut butter. Alas it is "Friday" in my school week, and I will fight the snowy weather to drive the hour to my home, home after my night class... 

Have a good rest of your week. Happy Hump Day! 
(I forgot to wear my camel shirt. :( Next week.)

Monday, February 3, 2014


Missing in action...

Jk, I am a busy person this semester.
I promise to blog eventually. Possibly after I finish all my reading and lecture prep for pathophysiology.

Happy Monday! Go Blackhawks!