Sunday, February 23, 2014

Currently, vol 42.

Reading.. many books for school. I might just start The Fault in Her Stars tonight. I borrowed it from my friend Ashley.

Writing.. not a whole lot. Possibly beginning my notes tonight or tomorrow for patho.

Thinking.. that it's sad the Olympics are over. I really enjoyed them this year. I am really looking forward to Rio 2016 because I love the summer games, and I will be finished with school at that time!

Listening.. the closing ceremonies and two snoring doggies.

Smelling.. jelly beans that I was snacking on.

Wishing.. for a good week in school.

Wearing.. a t-shirt and adidas pants.

Loving.. the day I had despite having a terrible morning.

Wanting.. to lay down in a little while. Being a female sucks.

Needing.. to plan times to begin my 5k training. Mom is signing us up as I type for the Race to Wrigley. It is a 5k for the Chicago Cubs. The race is a charity event for Lurie Children's Hospital. It is in April.

Feeling.. tired.

Clicking.. Publish!

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