Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hi Friends!

I have secretly not missed updating my life. I partially wish I was this cool person to give great stories, delicious recipes, or great craft ideas, but I am just a nursing student on summer break. So I will give a little update for you....

Work Life: I have stopped working at Panera because I have a new job! I am a PCT (Patient Care Tech) at the hospital three blocks from my home. I love it because I work in the float pool meaning I go to many different floors, and I get paid big bucks in being flexible with my schedules. I get to do all your basic care like bringing water, cleaning patients, emptying catheters, transporting, vitals, and other stuff, but with being a PCT I can do EKGs, remove catheters, and remove IVs. I am interacting with nurses, respiratory techs, and doctors, and I am basically seeing what I will and will not do as a nurse. I am battling with myself every day trying to decide if I really want to work at this hospital (because they have said they would transition me into being a new grad BSN nurse when I graduate in April).

Social Life: This summer has flown by, and I feel like I have done a bunch of stuff and nothing at the same time! I have hung out with my high school friends a few times, seen movies with Chris, and watched a ton of Netflix (currently watching Gilmore Girls). I went to a Cubs game, saw Ingrid Michelson at the Chicago Theatre, hung out with Lori, and saw Taylor Swift at Soldier Field!!!! Tay-tay (which she said we could call her) was down right amazing! I am sad that the summer is ending because I am going to be so busy this school year. :(

Well that's all for now... Hope your summer is going slower than mine!