Saturday, August 31, 2013

Technically the first week of school...

So Wednesday was the first day of school for my junior year. Wednesday and Thursday I was in school for 8 hours for introductions to my two main classes for the first eight weeks. I would totally try and explain the nursing program to you, but there is no logic way to explain it to you. It is one of the most complicated programs ever. I am not promising weekly posts for you guys, but I will try my hardest to do the Sunday currently. I am just going to try to adjust mainly this semester with classes and work.

September starts tomorrow, and one of my best friends Lori wrote a post today about spending money. She said that she wasn't going to spend money for the month of September minus necessities like groceries and gas. I am in a tough spot economically with having to buy another online access code for school (200 bucks) and figuring out how to have my car emissions testing (probably 1000 dollars that I don't have).

So right now, I am just going to figure out how to survive nursing school and everything else that comes along with it.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Currently, vol 27.

How are the weeks going by so fast? I am home again after my trip, and school starts in three days or so. I am not ready by any means, but here is what's going on currently...

Red Rocks!

reading all the chapters required before school starts in many of my nursing books! It is actually very overwhelming. I am not a happy camper with how much there is to do including work and packing.  
writing in my planner all the syllabus info and class schedule/labs.
thinking  about all I need to get done in the next two days before moving to my aunt's again. 
smelling nature while sitting in my room typing away... I am writing this late Saturday since I work today, and I don't have time to blog after work. I have to get some serious schoolwork done today.  
wishing that the days will not go by so fast.
wearing t-shirt and shorts of course. 
loving how much fun I had in Denver with Cassandra. Come back tomorrow for a recap of my trip!
wanting to hit the hay early to catch up on sleep lost on my trip. I think I slept 12 hours in three days apprx. 
needing to clean my room, do laundry, pack, finish my homework, and make some phone calls. 
feeling very tired and fuzzy (mentally). I went a little crazy while driving from CO, but definitely not as bad as Cassandra.  
clicking the publish button! 

Have a great week!
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the mile high city

Hey crazy kids,

So I am currently in the mile high city...Denver visiting one of my great friends Cassandra. I will do daily recaps when I find time, but today we're going to Red Rocks, Boulder, and she said there is a surprise tonight... I'm a tad worried. I hope you have a great week; happy hump day. I'm gonna go take pictures of mountains and cool stuff!
Just chilling and playing the piano. How cool?

My love for architect is growing...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Currently, vol 26.

Another week has come and gone, and I am one week closer to being in Denver. I am so beyond excited to have fun even for a few days. So here's what's going on currently...

reading emails about nursing school and my schedule. So excited.  
writing babysitting applications for the school year. Easy money!
thinking  about taking it easy this afternoon. I deserve too.
smelling that classic "Panera worker" smell. When I leave work, there is a particular smell. It isn't horrible, but it is just weird.  
wishing for this cold to go away before I fly to Denver on Tuesday!
wearing tshirt and shorts of course. 
loving the weather here in IL. It has been in the 70s/low 80s all week and no rain!
wanting to take lots of cough drops and pain relivers. I just have aches from the cold plus all the other symptoms. I like how 5 people were sick at work, and I work in the food industry. Good ole Panera Bread. 
needing to clean my room, do laundry, pack, get my haircut, etc. My to-do list is growing by the minute. 
feeling very tired. 
clicking the publish button! 

Have a great week! 
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

One word on my mind lately...

I have been seeing one word pop up a couple of places, and it made me stop and think about it. 


+For nursing school, it is required that you have immunizations, boosters, or proof of those. My immunity to the MMR vaccine is non-existent. This just means that I may never be immune to it despite having the vacc, boosters, and labs drawn to check. I was rejected on completing that part of the medical section. 

+Also for nursing school, you are required to do the CPR/AED for Healthcare peeps. I don't have my card yet only a paper stating I took the class. I was rejected for not having the exact card.

+There was another situation that I will keep private, but I was rejected. 

It is a puzzling word to me because you work so hard for acceptance, for someone to be pleased, and all for what? You may have done everything right, but if your immune system doesn't cooperate you get rejected? If I don't have a plastic card vs. a paper, rejected? 
It seems unfair or just simply ridiculous to be decline for something out of your own control. I was bored on Pinterest earlier while thinking about this, and I found this pin...

Rejection ...
It may just be simply I am aiming to high to please or I am just misunderstanding directions, but rejection is not as bad as it seems. 

These were just some thoughts on my mind. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On weight loss..

One week from today I will be in Colorado with my bestie. 
So excited. 
I went shopping this past weekend, and I am excited to say that I have gone down one jean size.
I am not saying this to get comments, but just to say that I am becoming healthier, smaller, and toner. I have lost twenty pounds since last August, and nine of those pounds just this summer. I am not looking for the praise; just merely friends to support me, cheer me on when I'm down, and to tell me to step away from the Ben and Jerry's in the freezer. Oh wait, I ate that yesterday. So here is a horrible phone pic of the outfit I should have bought on Sunday. 

I really liked that outfit too. 70 dollars is just too much for me. So calling all of my college friends. Who wants to keep me accountable, workout with me, or just not allow me to eat those really good toffee cookies at the caf?

My goal is to weigh 150 pounds. I don't have a goal date. So I will accomplish it in due time. School is stressful enough.

Happy Early Hump Day!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Currently, vol. 25

How has another week gone by already? This summer is just flying by! This has been one heck of a week (in a good way). I am glad to say that I am looking forward to school in almost two weeks. For now, I am just focusing on work until I go to Denver on the 20th. SO excited. Tomorrow I will put up a weekend recap since it was actually a good weekend. So come back tomorrow (please?)!
Saturday Night Wisconsin Sunset.
reading how to paint my toms. I ruined them by dropping green paint on them last year, and now I want to actually paint them so they look cute.  
writing in my journal. Stress relief at its finest. It is also the best listener, and it will always side with you.
thinking  writing down my schedule for the week. I know I have to go to the doctor twice for a tb test, do emissions testing again since I didn't pass, and I have work to go to. 
smelling the funfetti brownie I just ate. My church had the annual beach service, and I made brownies even though I didn't go because of work. They even had cardboard boat races. I was bummed about that one. 
wishing for a good night sleep after a long day. 
wearing tshirt and shorts. It's a very typical Sunday night. 
loving the new jeans I got for $39. I would never spend that much on jeans, but hear me out on why I did. I have been working out faithfully, eating somewhat healthy, and really trying to lose weight. Well I have, and I decided I wanted a good pair of back-to-school jeans. Plus they are a size smaller than I have worn for the past year!!! 
wanting to go to redbox. I have a free rental!
needing to clean my room. Can you say disaster? 
feeling content (for now).
clicking the publish button!

Have a great week!
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Today's My Saturday...

So with my crazy work schedule my weekend is two days before normal people's weekends. 
I get Thursday and Friday off typically. I finally have two days off in a row!! I worked 15 out of the last 16 days. What did I decided to do?

1. Sleep in
2. Lay in bed till 11
3. Go to Starbucks for three hours to get a lot done
4. Eat pizza
5. Go for a jog with my dog

It was a great day, and here are pictures of the perfect 
end to a great day. 
Facing the sunset...
and my back to the sunset.
Happy Thursday for you all!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Madness :)

Hey everyone, Happy Monday? Is that something I want to wish you happiness upon? I hope your day was fun and productive or just not bad. I woke up at 3:47 am to be exact. Why this time? 3:45 is too early and 3:50 is too late to fit in a shower and other things before leaving for work at 4:30. Lol work was pretty good up until lunch time when all madness broke loose. I was supposed to get off at 1 in order to work 6 hours tomorrow and not go into overtime, but I worked until 2 cause we were so busy. I even had some family come in. My mom's cousin and her family came in. They actually recognized me! That was the highlight of my shift. 

This is what I do from 5-6 am... Set up sugary treats, bagels, and bread.
This was right before open this morning. 
After work, I sped home, took a shower, and drove to my doctors. I need to get a physical, titers, and tb test for nursing school. I have accomplished one goal for my summer, and that is to be below 220 on the scale. I don't like telling people my weight, but I am officially under it! So I am sitting at Starbucks waiting for my CPR class that begins at 6. All I want to do is sleep. Two more days until I have my "weekend" (I get thurs/fri off). 

I hope your week started off on the right foot!
Have a good week!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Currently, vol 24.

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a fantastic Sunday. Me on the other hand, no. Today was terrible at work. I open at Panera. This means I have one hour to get the bread up on the bread wall/sliced, bagels up on their wall, put all the pastries out, get organized, and turn things on, etc. I didn't have my normal crew, but I had new employees that have never worked at Panera on a Sunday (Sunday's are chaotic and special at Panera). So I am glad to be done for the day even if I have to return there tomorrow at 4:45 am. I love working. 
My little cutie pie.
reading my nursing textbooks! I am trying to get the intros done, and just start reading before I get swamped with it.  
writing a lot. I like to journal especially now when I have things to say.
thinking  about all the stuff to do this week... CPR, physical, work, etc.
smelling like Panera. No, not a good thing. See there is a difference from what customers smell and what associates smell like after work. ick.
wishing for a good pay check. Already 315 dollars is going towards my credit card purchases for nursing. Having a little freedom will be nice. I had to deny mani/pedis with my friend. :(
wearing comfy clothes after being sticky and warm all day. 
loving that I am feeling better. No more fever. (cross your fingers!)
wanting to relax. I should go for a walk though. The weather is just to gorgeous to pass that up. 
needing to not take a nap. I have work early tomorrow. I'll probably go to bed fairly early though. 
feeling so tired from work and this random sickness. Also, I'm feeling hungry. 
clicking the publish button!
Have a great week! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

I've got that Summer fever..

No really, I have a fever. It's August. Who gets sick in the summer? Me. Yesterday I was sick, and I thought I was feeling better today. It came back with a vengeance. I had lunch with mom at her work/ my old work. We had cobb salads. I then spent the afternoon working on finishing nursing documents and making an appt for a physical. (If you don't know me, I am the queen of procrastination.)

I was supposed to do CPR training tonight, but thanks to my fever that will take place on Monday instead. So, what do I have planned for tonight? I am gonna watch Harry Potter, drink some water, and hopefully sleep. Last night, I didn't fall asleep until 3am because of my long nap early that evening. 

Best part of my day:
Getting my raspberry stethoscope in the mail!

Worst part of my day:
Seeing the high numbers on the thermometer.

Happy Friday!
What are your plans for the weekend? 
I'll be working at Panera.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome August.

Hi. How are you? I haven't seen you in over a year! August, you are a wonderfully, busy month around here. So much to do; so little time. Preparing for school, finishing work, purchasing nursing items, and staying cool will be on my agenda for this month.

Yesterdays sunset after work and a bad storm.
-15 days til all nursing forms are due! 
-18 days until flying to Denver to see Cassandra!
-27 days until the first day of nursing school!

Things to buy:
-rest of my books

Goals for August:
-lose 7 pounds
-run 3x a week
-continue squat challenge
-go out with Chris more
-spend more time with high school friends
-save money
-find a job by school
-Most important: work on my relationship with God