Thursday, August 15, 2013

One word on my mind lately...

I have been seeing one word pop up a couple of places, and it made me stop and think about it. 


+For nursing school, it is required that you have immunizations, boosters, or proof of those. My immunity to the MMR vaccine is non-existent. This just means that I may never be immune to it despite having the vacc, boosters, and labs drawn to check. I was rejected on completing that part of the medical section. 

+Also for nursing school, you are required to do the CPR/AED for Healthcare peeps. I don't have my card yet only a paper stating I took the class. I was rejected for not having the exact card.

+There was another situation that I will keep private, but I was rejected. 

It is a puzzling word to me because you work so hard for acceptance, for someone to be pleased, and all for what? You may have done everything right, but if your immune system doesn't cooperate you get rejected? If I don't have a plastic card vs. a paper, rejected? 
It seems unfair or just simply ridiculous to be decline for something out of your own control. I was bored on Pinterest earlier while thinking about this, and I found this pin...

Rejection ...
It may just be simply I am aiming to high to please or I am just misunderstanding directions, but rejection is not as bad as it seems. 

These were just some thoughts on my mind. 


  1. Don't ever forget that you are dearly loved!

  2. Don't let this word gotcha . It's just a bad time going on , there's much more better things for you in future.
    Noor @ Noor's Place