Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Madness :)

Hey everyone, Happy Monday? Is that something I want to wish you happiness upon? I hope your day was fun and productive or just not bad. I woke up at 3:47 am to be exact. Why this time? 3:45 is too early and 3:50 is too late to fit in a shower and other things before leaving for work at 4:30. Lol work was pretty good up until lunch time when all madness broke loose. I was supposed to get off at 1 in order to work 6 hours tomorrow and not go into overtime, but I worked until 2 cause we were so busy. I even had some family come in. My mom's cousin and her family came in. They actually recognized me! That was the highlight of my shift. 

This is what I do from 5-6 am... Set up sugary treats, bagels, and bread.
This was right before open this morning. 
After work, I sped home, took a shower, and drove to my doctors. I need to get a physical, titers, and tb test for nursing school. I have accomplished one goal for my summer, and that is to be below 220 on the scale. I don't like telling people my weight, but I am officially under it! So I am sitting at Starbucks waiting for my CPR class that begins at 6. All I want to do is sleep. Two more days until I have my "weekend" (I get thurs/fri off). 

I hope your week started off on the right foot!
Have a good week!


  1. Your blog posts never fail to make me smile! "3:45 is too early and 3:50 is too late." You speak my language! Love you!

  2. Oh those pastries look delicious! It sounds like you had a long day getting up that early!

    1. I know right! If I didn't have to buy them they would definitely be in my stomach! It was a long day. I feel asleep within a minute of my head hitting the pillow! Have a good week!