Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thoughts on the spring semester...

Here we go.. Classes start Thursday (for everyone but me). I only have classes Monday-Wednesday. I know you are probably thinking that sounds easy! I am going to be working on Thursdays and Fridays at Panera, and I will study and go to church on the weekends. I will also find time to tutor Statistics again.

My classes:
-Nursing Research
-Topics: Chronic Illness/Wellness
-Earth Science
-World Geography

My goals for the semester:
-Dean's List (at least)
-Lose ten pounds (A low goal due to a busy schedule)
-Save 10-15% of each paycheck for my savings (time to not be a poor college kid anymore)
-Have a fabulous 21st birthday (on Friday March 21st!)

Cheapest semester for books yet: $140
Good luck to everyone this semester!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Currently, vol 39.

Well, it's been an interesting week. We went from -17 to +32ish (today is supposed to be 43). I moved back to school (or my aunt's house). My room was flooded with melting snow. I have yet to see it because I slept over at my friend Lori's apartment/dorm. I am very interested in my j-term/interim course. It is mental illness on film, and so we get to watch movies everyday! I'm sorry if I am all over the place; I just don't feel like being organized with my thoughts.

The lovely polar vortex weather we had.
This was at 8 in the morning on Monday.
In honor of the dumb weather,
I made my first infinity scarf!

Lori and I had a relaxing Saturday watching movies while I crocheted a blanket!

Reading.. Grace for the Afflicted. This is the book that we are reading for my class. It is very interesting, and it takes a Biblical perspective to mental illnesses.
Writing.. answers to my professors questions. We have to answer questions about the movies and book that we go through, and that's it. No paper!

Thinking.. about a lot. It's hard to say exactly what, but I just have a lot on my mind these days.
Listening.. to Say Something. This is my new favorite song.  

Smelling.. nothing.

Wishing.. that I permanently lived in a dorm again. I really miss it.

Wearing.. my Alabama sweatshirt, flannel pj bottoms, and a blanket.

Loving.. hanging out with my friend Lori this weekend!

Wanting.. to take a nap. I am just so tired probably from doing nothing.

Needing.. to play more candy crush, but sadly I am out of lives!

Feeling.. tired.

Clicking.. Publish!

Have a great week!! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Currently, vol 38.

First Sunday of 2014 is here! I for one think that this year is going very fast, and that is not exciting. It is snowing outside againnnn. I think we have like 15 inches of snow on the ground here in IL. I am skipping church due to the weather, and my mom and I will be heading to my grandmas to take down her Christmas decorations after unburying our cars.

I just want it to melt already...
Reading.. nothing honestly.. I have been on a movie kick lately. (all 8 hp movies, legally blonde, devil wears prada, 27 dresses, bring it on, and sweet home Alabama).

Writing.. Not much. I don't really want to do anything for the last week of Christmas break. Lol. 

Thinking.. That I'm sad break is ending, but I'm ready to start being productive again. 

Smelling.. Bath and body works soap

Wishing.. That I lived in a warm climate. It's going to be a high of -15 tomorrow. 

Wearing.. A black hoodie, long sleeve shirt, sweats, wool socks, and slippers. And two blankets. 

Loving.. The afternoon I had with mom and Gma packing up Christmas stuff, teaching Gma how to play candy crush, and eating pizza. 

Wanting.. To crochet my infinity scarf. 

Needing.. To file the fafsa. For financial aid next year. 

Feeling.. Tired. Just tired. 

Clicking.. Publish!

Have a great week!! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013 & A Wedding

New Years Eve was a very busy and long day. I got my hair done at 10. Mom and I drove a hour to the hotel around 1. We grabbed a bite to eat at 3. We went to the wedding at 5:30. My cousin became a married man to Katie. I'm excited to have her in the family. We went to the reception from 8-2 in the morning. It was loads of fun, and I was thrilled to ring in the new year with my family and friends!! Next year I'm gonna stay home. Lol here are a couple pictures. 
Here is Brian and Katie! 

Feeding each other cake!

Mom and I. 

My aunt deb/ mother of the groom. 

Sarah and I!

We slept in till about 9:45, and checked out. The wedding was 60 miles from where we live, but there was a massive snow storm that made the roads terrible. There was 8 accidents in total and an 8 car pile up. It took a little over 2 hours to get home when it's normally fifty minutes.

I had a blast though! I hope the newlyweds have a great time in the Caribbean!