Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently, vol 59.

Hi Friends, I'm posting my second blog post on the 1st of March. How sad is that? I have had a busy weekend so far... I had clinical yesterday in the mother baby unit. It was super fun. I gave a medication and a vaccine, helped women to the bathroom (big deal when it's their first time on their feet since labor), and helped give a baby a bath. I am exhausted from that and work last night. I am behind on my paperwork for clinical that's due at 3pm today. All I have left to turn in is the paper portion. It should only take an hour... hopefully. I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend besides the cold weather and snow I am staring at right now. Here is what's going on currently...

Sue was a lot smaller than anticipated.
Granted last time I saw her I was little.
Reading: Lots of textbooks. I like the information I am reading about so it makes it a little better. 
Thinking: about the fact that I go home for spring break in 6 days. I am so ready. I am very burnt out. I even told my boss not to put me on the schedule because I need to study for my two exams and just relax. 
Listening: to the random sounds occurring around me in my dorm building. 
Writing: this post and heading up stairs to print my caremap.
Smelling: nothing, but I wish I was at Starbucks smelling their coffee. 
Wishing: I had more time to study for my first nursing spanish exam. 
Hoping: that the snow will stop. I am tired of seeing it, feeling it in my shoes, and scraping it off my car. 
Wearing: a tshirt and bball shorts (and my blanket). 
Loving: the smell of coffee and a cinnamon roll from the bbc (I can't smell it anymore because that was 5 hours ago that I consumed those delicious things). 
Wanting: to finish my paper so I can take a nap before starting my studying and then work.  
Needing: more money. Story of my life. This summer is going to be all about saving. 
Feeling: overwhelmed.
Clicking: Publish.

Have a great week everyone!