Monday, February 25, 2013

X marks the spot!

Today, my friend Cassandra gave me a treasure map! It even had a pirate on it!
Mainly it was directions to the emissions testing place, but hey it was definitely an adventure!
My friend needed to get Penelope tested for emissions. Penelope is a purple pt cruiser, and we love her dearly.

So, we left campus determined to find the testing facility (the big X). We definitely found it, but they made us go to a different location (definitely a sketchy place!) since Penelope (the car) is from the great state of Colorado. We had a blast going there, and the guy that tested her car was really funny! Here's why...

Man: Do you want the good or bad news first?
Cassandra: (skeptical) The bad?
Man: Well now you have to leave me...
Us: Oh Okay.
Man: Good news is that you passed!
(Something like that, but he was pretty funny.)

So, to celebrate we headed then to one of the best places in the area (partially true)...

where I got the picture
I love staples. It is a fantastic store to imagine what my future home office will most likely not look like since it so stinking expensive. They have the coolest stuff in there. I bought a new notebook for my Philosophy class tomorrow. It is super cute with owls on it, and it is a sugarcane-based notebook. Going green! 

Well that was the end of my adventure, and I am now sitting at my super cute desk (needs its own blogpost) avoiding my microbiology lab reports that are due tomorrow!

Happy Monday!
-brittany the pirate (arrg)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Currently: 2/24

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! It has been a terrible week here in IL. I am looking forward to the next three weeks being over. Then it will be Spring Break! It's Oscar Sunday here at the house. We are making meatball, chicken egg rolls, dips, and a bunch of other appetizer type foods. My cousin, her husband, and my niece Claire are coming over so that we can watch the Oscars together! I am hoping Claire will be a happy baby and let me hold her again!

I am currently...

reading a book for Philosophy. It is called Glittering Vices. It is an interesting and mandatory book about the seven deadly sins. I absolutely love the cover of the book. 
writing my response paper for the English lecture I went to Monday. It was entitled "What's the use of stories that aren't even true?" Dr. Brown (an awesome Canadian proff) was a great speaker. I am incorporating Oedipus the King  and Things Fall Apart
listening to the tv in the front room. My aunt is watching Undercover Boss (love that show). I am also listening to the film score playlist on Pandora (perfect study music) which is currently playing Harry Potter music. 
thinking about the anatomy exam on the digestive system tomorrow afternoon! I am not looking forward to explaining the digestive system in full detail of enzymes, direction of contents, and eventually how it all comes out of the body. 
smelling the wonderful smell of chocolate cake my aunt is currently baking! It looks fantastic , but it might require me to go running tomorrow. 
wishing for at least a B on my anatomy exam and an A on my psychology exam. 
hoping for the snow to melt. I hate running when there is snow on the ground because I get super worried that I will slip and fall. I get so paranoid with all of that. 
wearing jeans, my freshman dorm t-shirt, and moccasins. It's a super lazy Sunday snuggled up under a cozy blanket.
loving the new background on my phone of a warm beach. I can't wait for my phone case to get here. It's a polka dot case I got from Amazon for 7 cents! (Shipping was almost 5 bucks!)
wanting to start going to the gym again! It's free at my school, but I don't like working out in front of my peers. I almost want to splurge and use my tax return to sign up at LA Fitness. 
needing to redo my toenail polish. Two of my toes are chipped in half. One side is completely missing. I should give myself a pedicure Friday night!
feeling overwhelmed when looking at my planner. There is so much due these next few weeks. 
clicking the skip button on Pandora. I can only take so much Lord of the Rings music in one day!

This is my day today. (The left one never stays tied!)
I hope you all have a fantastic week, and I hope that I will be able to post more regularly once I catch up with my reading, studying, and sleeping!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Currently: 2/17

I miss my bud!
reading  my notes. I am working on the outline for my paper on Oedipus the King. Persuasive papers are not my thing. I like to write, but gosh who actually cares about whether Oedipus relies on fate or individual responsibility? 
writing this blog post  the above mentioned paper, anatomy homework, and a schedule for my very busy week. I need to write my resume again. I have a five year old desktop at home where my resume is currently, but I can't retrieve it when the computer won't turn on. 
listening to the amazing race! The season premiere aired tonight, and man am I stoked. There is a team on there of twin doctors from Chicago, IL. They are really from Waukegan (my hometown), and I am so excited to see them on tv!
thinking about all I need to accomplish this week. I am predicting that my week will go very fast, and it will also be lacking in sleep. I am also thinking about my microbiology bacteria. I have to make over fifty note cards full of proteobacteria and non-proteobacteria. Aren't you jealous!
smelling the weird cream that we put on dude's wound (my aunt's dog). It is made with a sulfur compound of some sorts. 
wishing  that I would have gone for that run I wanted to take today. Instead of doing that I got to hang out with my good friend Lori. I am jealous of my friend Caroline's ability to run 10 miles. She is training for an up coming half marathon. I would love to be able to do that, but it might take a while to get there. 
hoping for a good diet week. I have been eating junk, and I have no excuses! It's not hard for me to eat healthy, but the chocolate sitting on the kitchen counter calls my name very loudly. 
wearing my favorite crew neck sweatshirt and skinny jeans. 
loving my family! Today is my niece's three month birthday! Her name is Claire, and she is a cutie pie! I got to hold her for about an hour and a half last weekend!
wanting to sleep. I like my sleep, and I don't like to skimp on my sleep. I will probably be in bed by eleven, but could possibly fall asleep right now! 
needing a million dollars! I would love to be financially secure, and to be able to just focus education. I need to get a job like yesterday. 
feeling like this microbiology exam on Wednesday is going to kick my behind. I really like the subject and labs, but my professor is terrible. He gives us the hardest exams possibly. Try putting a semester's worth of typical exams, and then put them all together. That is what his exams are like. 
clicking on blogs. I am catching up on my blog reading. I don't have enough time during the week to blog regularly or to read blogs. 

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/10: Currently

reading my microbiology book. That micro exam that I lost sleep over is finally over, but it is beginning again. 
writing (tonight) a paper about Achebe's book Things Fall Apart, and I am looking forward to finishing that paper.
listening to my dogs barking, and the skiing championships on channel 5. 
thinking about the drive back to my aunt's house and the up coming week.
smelling wet dogs that insist on running around in the snow all afternoon. 
wishing that my tax refund will come very soon (most likely not). 
hoping to get a job this week. I have to call a bunch of Paneras and follow up on my application. I am not looking forward to working but the paychecks.
wearing my super comfy brown chunky sweater, skinny jeans, and warm gold toe socks that my mom bought for me yesterday. 
loving my family for my valentine's gift from my family. 
wanting to eat a whole tub of cookie dough! I am just in the mood to eat, and eat, and eat some more. Do I want to workout? NO!
needing a nap before leaving in thirty minutes. Also I need a pedicure, my cuticles are terrible.
feeling the soreness from my fall yesterday. I fell on my driveway yesterday. My hip feels terrible. 
clicking the keys of my keyboard since I haven't blogged in what feels like a lifetime!

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We are halfway through the week people!
I have just come back from a Target run. (surprise, surprise).
I have two exams on Friday in Microbiology and Anatomy. So this post will be short.

I need to share this picture with you.

I wasn't a fan of the Super Bowl this year, but this is the best meme from the Super Bowl.
I am going to go study now, or not.

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Friday!

Congratulations we have successfully lived through the week. It is now officially the weekend.

I have been to:
-12 lectures
-3 labs
-definitely one night class
-not enough quality time with my pillow

I am really looking forward to the weekend. I am babysitting tomorrow with my Aunt Deb, and after I am planning on going on a coffee date with my good friend Lori. Sunday is the super bowl!! I am not at all excited about the game, but I really love the commercials. My fam-bam is having a gigantic party with lots of people and lots of food. So I am preparing myself for a long weekend filled with little down time and little homework. Lack of homework doing is going to be an issue for the coming week. Because my brilliant professors are putting a Microbiology exam and an Anatomy exam...... on the SAME DAY! What is wrong with the academic world?

Have a lovely weekend all you blog readers. Get off of your prefered browser (Google Chrome), and go do something fun or root for a football team (*cough* 49ers *cough*)


P.S. Happy first day of February!