Monday, February 25, 2013

X marks the spot!

Today, my friend Cassandra gave me a treasure map! It even had a pirate on it!
Mainly it was directions to the emissions testing place, but hey it was definitely an adventure!
My friend needed to get Penelope tested for emissions. Penelope is a purple pt cruiser, and we love her dearly.

So, we left campus determined to find the testing facility (the big X). We definitely found it, but they made us go to a different location (definitely a sketchy place!) since Penelope (the car) is from the great state of Colorado. We had a blast going there, and the guy that tested her car was really funny! Here's why...

Man: Do you want the good or bad news first?
Cassandra: (skeptical) The bad?
Man: Well now you have to leave me...
Us: Oh Okay.
Man: Good news is that you passed!
(Something like that, but he was pretty funny.)

So, to celebrate we headed then to one of the best places in the area (partially true)...

where I got the picture
I love staples. It is a fantastic store to imagine what my future home office will most likely not look like since it so stinking expensive. They have the coolest stuff in there. I bought a new notebook for my Philosophy class tomorrow. It is super cute with owls on it, and it is a sugarcane-based notebook. Going green! 

Well that was the end of my adventure, and I am now sitting at my super cute desk (needs its own blogpost) avoiding my microbiology lab reports that are due tomorrow!

Happy Monday!
-brittany the pirate (arrg)


  1. that is so much fun!! can't wait to see your desk one day good luck with the lab reports!

    1. It was great! Friend bonding time. I will most likely write a post on it within the next week. Have a great week!