Sunday, March 3, 2013

Currently: 3/3

Tommy was literally eating snow for 20 minutes on the picnic table.

Terra was a little cold. 
Guys, were officially in the month of March! Not only is there spring break and Easter break, but I turn twenty in 18 days! I also am looking forward to the time change on Saturday because that means it will be darker later from now on! I don't have to have the winter blues anymore. Anyway, so here is what's going on currently...

reading the Yellow Wallpaper for Lit class tomorrow. I have read half a page, and I am already confused. This is not a good sign. 
writing out my schedule for the week, and I am looking forward to the weekend for our anti-formal party. Since some of my friends and I are to cool for dances, we are going out to eat and going to have a good time. (No concrete plans have been officially made.)
listening to the hum of the fridge. Everyone is asleep in the house except me. I am headed there very soon since I am not finishing my homework tonight. 
thinking about what is in store for me tomorrow. I am definitely going to not accidentally skip my first lecture like I did last Monday, and I am most likely going to volunteer with friends tomorrow at an after school program for elementary students. I've got to get those service hours started for psych. 
smelling the smell of laundry detergent on my very comfy hoodie. 
wishing that I hadn't have eaten that entire pint of half baked brownie ice cream last night while watching Miss Congeniality. Hey, it has Calcium. So it is therefore good for me. 
hoping to have a wonderful stress-free week after my microbiology exam on Wednesday.
wearing a baggy hoodie and adidas sweats. I am living the college kid life to the tee!
loving how comfortable beds are. It is something I totally take for granted in my life. Some people don't have beds. So therefore the next time I want to complain about being tired or whatever, I need to suck it up. 
wanting to double check that I set my alarm for the morning. I hate alarm clocks, but I always need a good heart attack when waking up in the morning. 
needing that awesome time turner Hermione had in the 3rd HP. I would love it to go back this weekend and actually study. 
feeling very sleepy, but looking forward to the week ahead of me. 
clicking the refresh button on Pinterest. I've got to end my night looking at beautiful pins, outrageous wedding boards, delicious food ideas, and insanely expensive clothing I could only dream of... my boards aren't as cool. (my boards)

That's it... go check out the other linkup's for Sunday currently posts, and have a great week!


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