Sunday, March 10, 2013

Currently: 3/10

Hey all! It is the beginning of a new week, and we lost one hour of sleep last night. I don't know if I am tired from that or if its from watching Addy (cousin's daughter) and going having a girls' night out.

Addy let me even do both of our nails.
She helped me do mine as well. 
reading but mainly only downloaded the Perks of Being a Wallflower. I wanted to read the book before I did anything else. I guess that will have to wait until Spring Break which starts in five days. 
writing my short story for my English lit class. We are to take one of the poems we have read, and turn it into a short story that's due tomorrow. 
listening to the tv out in the front living room. I think my aunt is watching Momma Mia? 
thinking about the fact that this week is midterms. How is it possible to be half done already? 
smelling the jelly beans that I am eating. Hey it's almost Easter, and I treated myself to a bag of jelly beans from Target. 
wishing i could go back to sleep, and start the day all over again. My brain is super fuzzy. I hope I am just tired, and that I am not getting sick.
hoping my boss will put me on the schedule over break because I need to make some dough (both figuratively and literally). I do make things out of dough at work. 
wearing sweats, t-shirt, and miss matched socks. One is bright yellow and one is gray. My feet were cold last night, and so without turning the light on I picked out two socks to wear. I have a great hatred for miss matched socks, but it's to late to fix that now.
loving my secret board on Pinterest. It is pretty great. Sometimes I just don't want people seeing all the food recipes I repin. I feel like they inwardly judge me!
wanting to go sun tanning. It is currently crappy weather and partially raining. So I don't think that I am going to get much color. 
needing to workout. It was such a bad week in the nutrition and workout department. I consider the stairs in the science building to be a mini workout. No matter how fit you are by the time you are at the top you have a hard time breathing. 
feeling like i am going to get no homework done until this evening. My morning was semi-productive, but now I have no urge to write my story, come up with my psych outline, or start reviewing for my anatomy midterm. on the publish tab, and them I am going to go back to my pinteresting. 
clickingon the publish tab, and them I am going to go back to my pinteresting. 


  1. Pinterest, oh Pinterest. That place... it's so wonderful. But sooo addicting, right? I need to get some jelly beans... that sounds great right now!

  2. haha it looks like your time with Addy WAS girls night! love that :)

  3. i loved reading the perks of being a wallflower, & i also loved the movie. it's such a touching story.

    and oh my goodness - it has been forever & a day since i've had jelly beans. i need to change that!