Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Happy Easter Everyone!!! I hope you all had fantastic days today celebrating what is trying important besides the chocolate bunny, and that it that Christ is Risen!! I love Easter, and all it stands for. My pastor said today, "Everyday should be Easter. We are to remember everyday what Christ did for you and me." I thought that was very well said. I am thinking about doing a whole post on Easter festivities tomorrow. I am just too dang tired to write a lot. So here we go...
My blurry Easter outfit.

reading the nursing entrance exam practice book, and still on Life of Pi. I am still reading that book because I have no motivation to do anything ahead of time. I have to read all of Part 2 for Wednesday while studying for a microbiology exam!
writing this blogpost and trying to keep my eyes open.
listening to the heater running. I thought spring was here to stay, but winter is gracing us with its presence again tomorrow with a high of 37!
thinking about all the things I have to do tomorrow. Mom wants me to go to Target, and get half price Easter egg kits for next year. Plus I have so much homework and chores to do tomorrow. 
smelling not much with my random stuffy nose. 
wishing calmness over the next two overly busy weeks. 
hoping to make it to the cemetery tomorrow to visit Grandpa. Tomorrow is 5 years since his passing, and of course being the jokester he was he had to pass on April Fools' Day. 
wearing yoga capris and a tee. 
loving the thought of curling up with these two pups for the night before returning to school tomorrow. 
wanting to incorporate God more into my life. I feel that I have been pushing devotions and such to the side over the past few weeks. I definitely see a difference in my life without constant  reminders of His creation and my life. 
needing to be insanely productive tomorrow. 
feeling tired, but thankful for God's amazing Son!
clicking: the netflix button at the top of my web browser. Time to watch the dramatic lives of Lauren Conrad and friends in The Hills. I don't know why, but I am digging that show lately. Link up here.

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