Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hi Friends!

I have secretly not missed updating my life. I partially wish I was this cool person to give great stories, delicious recipes, or great craft ideas, but I am just a nursing student on summer break. So I will give a little update for you....

Work Life: I have stopped working at Panera because I have a new job! I am a PCT (Patient Care Tech) at the hospital three blocks from my home. I love it because I work in the float pool meaning I go to many different floors, and I get paid big bucks in being flexible with my schedules. I get to do all your basic care like bringing water, cleaning patients, emptying catheters, transporting, vitals, and other stuff, but with being a PCT I can do EKGs, remove catheters, and remove IVs. I am interacting with nurses, respiratory techs, and doctors, and I am basically seeing what I will and will not do as a nurse. I am battling with myself every day trying to decide if I really want to work at this hospital (because they have said they would transition me into being a new grad BSN nurse when I graduate in April).

Social Life: This summer has flown by, and I feel like I have done a bunch of stuff and nothing at the same time! I have hung out with my high school friends a few times, seen movies with Chris, and watched a ton of Netflix (currently watching Gilmore Girls). I went to a Cubs game, saw Ingrid Michelson at the Chicago Theatre, hung out with Lori, and saw Taylor Swift at Soldier Field!!!! Tay-tay (which she said we could call her) was down right amazing! I am sad that the summer is ending because I am going to be so busy this school year. :(

Well that's all for now... Hope your summer is going slower than mine!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently, vol 59.

Hi Friends, I'm posting my second blog post on the 1st of March. How sad is that? I have had a busy weekend so far... I had clinical yesterday in the mother baby unit. It was super fun. I gave a medication and a vaccine, helped women to the bathroom (big deal when it's their first time on their feet since labor), and helped give a baby a bath. I am exhausted from that and work last night. I am behind on my paperwork for clinical that's due at 3pm today. All I have left to turn in is the paper portion. It should only take an hour... hopefully. I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend besides the cold weather and snow I am staring at right now. Here is what's going on currently...

Sue was a lot smaller than anticipated.
Granted last time I saw her I was little.
Reading: Lots of textbooks. I like the information I am reading about so it makes it a little better. 
Thinking: about the fact that I go home for spring break in 6 days. I am so ready. I am very burnt out. I even told my boss not to put me on the schedule because I need to study for my two exams and just relax. 
Listening: to the random sounds occurring around me in my dorm building. 
Writing: this post and heading up stairs to print my caremap.
Smelling: nothing, but I wish I was at Starbucks smelling their coffee. 
Wishing: I had more time to study for my first nursing spanish exam. 
Hoping: that the snow will stop. I am tired of seeing it, feeling it in my shoes, and scraping it off my car. 
Wearing: a tshirt and bball shorts (and my blanket). 
Loving: the smell of coffee and a cinnamon roll from the bbc (I can't smell it anymore because that was 5 hours ago that I consumed those delicious things). 
Wanting: to finish my paper so I can take a nap before starting my studying and then work.  
Needing: more money. Story of my life. This summer is going to be all about saving. 
Feeling: overwhelmed.
Clicking: Publish.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Been gone for too long...

Hi friends! I don't know if anyone is there, reading this sad blog of mine, but I am here! I am currently in my 8th semester of school. I should have been graduating this semester, but this is for the best. I have had a fantastically, stressful semester so far. I am taking only 12 credits, but nursing classes shouldn't have numbers assigned as they mean nothing for the amount of time actually spent absorbing, studying, and crying over. JK. I am taking spanish for healthcare, medsurg 2, and maternity.

Maternity is my favorite! I am currently in clinical for this class with only 2 more weeks to go. :( I am so sad to be leaving the mother baby unit. I have had some amazing moments there. I have gotten to help with a baby's first bath, bottle-feeding a baby, holding a woman's leg during labor, and seeing a c-section birth. It has been nothing short of miraculous! I love that I get to help little humans come into the world. I can honestly see myself working in the Labor and Delivery unit in a hospital at some point in my nursing career. The other unit that I feel called in is pediatric oncology, and I am planning for the March 22nd to be the day I help kids with cancer. Below you will find the link to my St. Baldrick's page. I am shaving my head the day after my birthday!

I'm shaving my head! If you want to donate, you can click this here. Thanks!