Thursday, February 26, 2015

Been gone for too long...

Hi friends! I don't know if anyone is there, reading this sad blog of mine, but I am here! I am currently in my 8th semester of school. I should have been graduating this semester, but this is for the best. I have had a fantastically, stressful semester so far. I am taking only 12 credits, but nursing classes shouldn't have numbers assigned as they mean nothing for the amount of time actually spent absorbing, studying, and crying over. JK. I am taking spanish for healthcare, medsurg 2, and maternity.

Maternity is my favorite! I am currently in clinical for this class with only 2 more weeks to go. :( I am so sad to be leaving the mother baby unit. I have had some amazing moments there. I have gotten to help with a baby's first bath, bottle-feeding a baby, holding a woman's leg during labor, and seeing a c-section birth. It has been nothing short of miraculous! I love that I get to help little humans come into the world. I can honestly see myself working in the Labor and Delivery unit in a hospital at some point in my nursing career. The other unit that I feel called in is pediatric oncology, and I am planning for the March 22nd to be the day I help kids with cancer. Below you will find the link to my St. Baldrick's page. I am shaving my head the day after my birthday!

I'm shaving my head! If you want to donate, you can click this here. Thanks!

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