Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Inspire!

Today is the day I get to tell you about an awesome blog-connecting idea. I read other blogs more than I write my own, and a few months ago I came across 2 really cute blogs. I loved reading them, and one day there was a post about an idea of a card swap. Totally cool right??

So I am linking up with Chelsea and Hollie, they had the awesome idea to do a blog card swap. I had to sign up with them, and I got paired with Ashley. She is an awesome blogger from the East Coast. Here is her card!....

Sooooo cute!!!
Thanks sooo much Ashley for you thoughtful card! It meant a lot to get a card in the mail from someone other than my family (not that I don't appreciate it). I wish you the best in work, life, and all your adventures!

I am absolutely in love with her handwriting! Mine is horrible!
Snail-mail. The most important part of my day. I love walking from classes and stopping by the Mole-Hole to open the 660th mailbox to see if I have anything! I love the anticipation of waiting and getting mail! This was so much fun! I hope I can do something blog-like again in the future!

Monday, October 22, 2012

What if?

-What if Mondays didn't exist? Would we be productive or blame our lack of sleep or mood on Tuesday?
-What if Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, Twitter, etc. didn't exist? What would my course grades look like?
-What if TV, Hulu, Netflix, DVDs, Hollywood, etc. wasn't popular? How fit would I be or how smart would   I be?
-What if the Bible, praying, church, and my devotions were more important than the things listed above? Who would I be, where would I be, who would I affect or impact, and what would my daily life look like?

From here on out I need to focus on what is supposed to be more important in my life, and that is my relationship with God. No more am I going to say I will open my Bible tomorrow or after I finish watching the episode of Army Wives or Bones. He needs to be my priority, and nothing else. 

What if the world thought that way too?
What is your what if? 

P.S. Happy Monday by the way! Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pure Michigan.

Last weekend Lori, Cassandra, and I made the twoish hour drive to Holland, MI last Thursday after classes. Lori's parents were sooo generous in letting us borrow their trailer for the weekend. So, we went camping at Holland State Park! We had so much fun. We may have eaten too many snacks, played to many games of Dutch Blitz, and we may have taken to many pictures. It was great to just get away for the three days and just relax. Here are some pics...
Our Home!

I officially love MI in the fall.

An awesome way to lose my Michigan-virginity. Lol

Fire! Took long to start.

Cassandra and I 

Cassandra and Lori 

Loving the lake.

El Fuego!

Saturday Morning Breakfast: Monkey Bread and Waffles!

Dutch Blitz on a rainy day.

Spray Paint T-shirts: Round Dos

Caramel Rice Crispy Bars!

Will the rain ever stop?

Brinner. (Breakfast for Dinner). Delish. 
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday stuff, Weekend Home, & Pink Hair.

This will be a wacky post. I have too much to say, and too little time to say it. This past week was great; it went super quick. I had planned with my grandma to come home on Thursday (4th) for my mom's birthday. I left campus and drove the hour to my work; which is were my mom works as well. I talked to the receptionist, and she let me back to see my mom without her knowing. I walked back to her work space, and totally surprised her! Also, when I talked to my grandma, she had informed me of a surprised get together that my mom's friends were putting together for her. We met at Louie's which is a local pizza place with uh-mazing breadsticks. She was also super suprised! It was great, and she had no idea!!!

"How can there be that many candles?"

Notice: the smoke...

Me and the Birthday Momma!
Happy Birthday Mom!!! I am so glad you had a fantastic day full of so many surprises!

I also got to come home this weekend and hang with that pretty lady picture with me above. We are like best friends with the biggest age gap! We went to a movie theater, and went out for dinner after the movie.
We saw Taken 2...
It was really good. Definitely see the first one though.
It was great to be home after being on campus for six weeks, and it was good to not have to pay $1.25 for laundry. I got to go to church on Sunday which was so great because it was World Communion Sunday. After church we made Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins which hopefully I will put a post up about eventually. 

I drove back to campus listening to K-Love the entire drive home. I love it when they play that station with no commercials. My suitemate Cassandra's parents took a bunch of us out to Beggars for pizza (sooo good). 

One more thing, I know your thinking when will she end this post...

Lastly, I dyed my hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness (thanks to Cassandra)

This chica is Cassandra... We have matching shirts (kinda).

Adios, for now. I have a skeleton practical for Anatomy & Physiology on Thursday, and then I am going camping for my 3-day weekend in Holland, MI!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Motivation.

So, If you don't already know, I am on a special doctor prescribed diet for controlling some stomach issues and lactose intolerance. I can't eat any dairy (harder than it seems), corn syrup (which is everything in a bag or box or processed), apples, watermelon, cherries, and onions (no biggie... I think they are disgusting).

Why am I talking about personal stuff?


On top of all that stuff above, I am working out with my good friend Cassandra, and we do the 30 day shred (no comment). Also, mostly everyday my friend Lori and I go for a 3 mile run/walk.

Anyway, the point of this blog was to show you...
1) How much I have lost
2) How many people liked my status; which insanely touched my heart.

Currently, this like count is up to 35 likes! This isn't even about boasting about the weight loss or the like amounts. It is sooooooooooo touching to see that many people care about me and my accomplishment.

That, ladies and gents, is my motivation! When you have that many people who care about health and losing weight it just makes me want to put jillian in the DVD player or put on my tennies and go for a run through the neighborhood in the fall weather.

Ciao for now...
I will update tomorrow hopefully!

P.S. I almost cried after each and every like or comment. I love you all! Goodnight :)