Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday stuff, Weekend Home, & Pink Hair.

This will be a wacky post. I have too much to say, and too little time to say it. This past week was great; it went super quick. I had planned with my grandma to come home on Thursday (4th) for my mom's birthday. I left campus and drove the hour to my work; which is were my mom works as well. I talked to the receptionist, and she let me back to see my mom without her knowing. I walked back to her work space, and totally surprised her! Also, when I talked to my grandma, she had informed me of a surprised get together that my mom's friends were putting together for her. We met at Louie's which is a local pizza place with uh-mazing breadsticks. She was also super suprised! It was great, and she had no idea!!!

"How can there be that many candles?"

Notice: the smoke...

Me and the Birthday Momma!
Happy Birthday Mom!!! I am so glad you had a fantastic day full of so many surprises!

I also got to come home this weekend and hang with that pretty lady picture with me above. We are like best friends with the biggest age gap! We went to a movie theater, and went out for dinner after the movie.
We saw Taken 2...
It was really good. Definitely see the first one though.
It was great to be home after being on campus for six weeks, and it was good to not have to pay $1.25 for laundry. I got to go to church on Sunday which was so great because it was World Communion Sunday. After church we made Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins which hopefully I will put a post up about eventually. 

I drove back to campus listening to K-Love the entire drive home. I love it when they play that station with no commercials. My suitemate Cassandra's parents took a bunch of us out to Beggars for pizza (sooo good). 

One more thing, I know your thinking when will she end this post...

Lastly, I dyed my hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness (thanks to Cassandra)

This chica is Cassandra... We have matching shirts (kinda).

Adios, for now. I have a skeleton practical for Anatomy & Physiology on Thursday, and then I am going camping for my 3-day weekend in Holland, MI!

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