Sunday, September 29, 2013

Currently, vol 31.

Happy Sunday! I am happy to say that I survived my terrible week, and I passed every exam, test, and validation. Passing in the nursing program is a 76. So I celebrated yesterday kind of. My friend Lori and I made pizzas at my aunt's, then did some homework, made pb cookies, and watch Princess Diaries. I am excited for a semi-calm week, but it will be pretty bad after next weekend.

This is what my week has looked liked with studying. 

reading so much. There are so many chapters that we have to read for tomorrow.
writing notes upon notes upon my professor's notes.
thinking  about getting up to make myself some breakfast.
smelling no a whole lot after this cold I have had for over a week.
wishing for a very productive day.
wearing t-shirt and shorts of course. After I get ready for the day, I will probably have another t-shirt on and yoga pants.
loving that I have been able to "sleep in" for two days now. The latest I have slept in this month is today (8am). It's so sad, but hey I've gotta do what I gotta do.
wanting to go for a run. I have lost a couple pounds without even trying, but I really do need to get my butt in shape for the wedding.
needing to figure out my schedule for the week with open lab, tutoring, and class of course. 
feeling overwhelmed as always.
clicking the publish button!

Have a great week. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Today would have been my Grandpa's 80th birthday. He left this earth 5.5 years ago after battling cancer for almost 2 years. He was the biggest role model in my life, and he has so many special memories for me to remember. He taught me to play softball, he taught me to hide food from grandma (in the car, closets, and in his sock drawer), and he/grandma let me eat ice cream for breakfast. He is someone I wish I could have one more moment with. He passed away my freshman year of high school, and I always have wished for one more day. One more day for him to see where I have been, what I have done, and what I have accomplished. One more day to see me graduate from college, get married, or have my own kids. I want one more phone call with him, and to hear him say "I love you." would be the best sentence ever. I want to see him wiggle his ears or stick out his fake teeth, and most of all I want to hear his voice. I miss him so much especially when everything else is crashing down around me, and boy has the last two weeks been absolutely terrible. I miss you grandpa. Happy Birthday!

I love you so much.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Currently, vol 30

I am currently at work now, and then I am driving back to school. It is midterms for my program. Classes end for me on the 12th. It is going crazy fast, and I don't like it. I have 3 exams, 2 validations, and 2 tests. I am going to avoid blogging, facebook, and social websites for the next week. See you all on Friday hopefully.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Currently, vol 29.

I have made it through another week. It truly hasn't been the best week either. I am still adjusting to nursing school. Having only been in class for seven days, we are having our first two exams on Monday and Tuesday. To say I'm prepared is a big lie. (I am giving myself time to write this, and then I need to study.) This week... my laptop died, my allergies are terrible, my stomach is slowly killing me from stress, my car needs to be fixed, and I still haven't adjusted to school. I am just looking forward to a breather after Tuesday. I don't think I will ever truly have a break, but hey I knew what I was getting myself into. So here's what's going on currently...

This is my beautiful, new (touchscreen) laptop!
image source
reading everything. My profs specifically told us not to cram, but when events happen that you don't plan studying isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Plus there was a 3rd birthday party yesterday, and a bridal shower today. Talk about busiest weekend ever.
writing and thinking about so much nursing info.
thinking  and strategizing about how I'm going to study after the bridal shower.
smelling the outdoors coming in through the windows.
wishing to get good grades on my exams.
wearing t-shirt and shorts of course. I will be wearing a cute dress in like 3 hours.  
loving how calm I am right now compared to Friday when my Toshiba laptop died.  
wanting to accomplish a lot between now and the shower, and after the shower and before going to sleep.
needing to calm my nerves. I can hardly keep things down without feeling sick.   
feeling overwhelmed as always.
clicking the publish button! 

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Currently, vol 28.

Wow, how is it September already? It felt like summer just flew by! I am very excited for fall though. Cool weather, jeans, sweats, warm drinks, and fun times with friends while "studying". So here's what's going on Currently...

This does not justice to the sun coming
through the clouds. Plus it's a crappy cellphone pic.
reading highlighting, marking, sticky noting, and memorizing all the crazy important stuff in nursing school. I have survived three whole days of school. Can you believe it?
writing many notes. many, many, and many notes on top of notes. 
thinking  about the homework and lab prep due before tuesday. I need to practice my technique with sterile gloving. It's gonna be fun!
smelling nothing?
wishing for a better prepared week on my end. I just really need to buckle down and work. 
wearing t-shirt and shorts of course. It will just change to sweats. 
loving how much I like nursing school compared to gen eds. Who knew learning could be so much fun. 
wanting to be very productive after my grandma's birthday lunch at 3:30. She turned 76 on Wed, and we are all gonna have lunch out with her!
needing to keep calm this week. I think I let things get the best of me to early.  
feeling good I guess. I am just ready to get my validations over with. (Super important pass/fail tests in order to get to go to clinicals.)
clicking the publish button! 

Have a good/productive week!