Sunday, September 1, 2013

Currently, vol 28.

Wow, how is it September already? It felt like summer just flew by! I am very excited for fall though. Cool weather, jeans, sweats, warm drinks, and fun times with friends while "studying". So here's what's going on Currently...

This does not justice to the sun coming
through the clouds. Plus it's a crappy cellphone pic.
reading highlighting, marking, sticky noting, and memorizing all the crazy important stuff in nursing school. I have survived three whole days of school. Can you believe it?
writing many notes. many, many, and many notes on top of notes. 
thinking  about the homework and lab prep due before tuesday. I need to practice my technique with sterile gloving. It's gonna be fun!
smelling nothing?
wishing for a better prepared week on my end. I just really need to buckle down and work. 
wearing t-shirt and shorts of course. It will just change to sweats. 
loving how much I like nursing school compared to gen eds. Who knew learning could be so much fun. 
wanting to be very productive after my grandma's birthday lunch at 3:30. She turned 76 on Wed, and we are all gonna have lunch out with her!
needing to keep calm this week. I think I let things get the best of me to early.  
feeling good I guess. I am just ready to get my validations over with. (Super important pass/fail tests in order to get to go to clinicals.)
clicking the publish button! 

Have a good/productive week!


  1. it's such a great feeling when you finally find the career that just "fits" you and are passionate about. that's a pretty good sign that you'll be a great nurse!

    1. Aww, thanks so much!
      Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like you're having loads of fun with what you're studying now! And happy birthday to your grandma! XD

    1. Thanks so much! She is super special in my life!