Sunday, September 8, 2013

Currently, vol 29.

I have made it through another week. It truly hasn't been the best week either. I am still adjusting to nursing school. Having only been in class for seven days, we are having our first two exams on Monday and Tuesday. To say I'm prepared is a big lie. (I am giving myself time to write this, and then I need to study.) This week... my laptop died, my allergies are terrible, my stomach is slowly killing me from stress, my car needs to be fixed, and I still haven't adjusted to school. I am just looking forward to a breather after Tuesday. I don't think I will ever truly have a break, but hey I knew what I was getting myself into. So here's what's going on currently...

This is my beautiful, new (touchscreen) laptop!
image source
reading everything. My profs specifically told us not to cram, but when events happen that you don't plan studying isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Plus there was a 3rd birthday party yesterday, and a bridal shower today. Talk about busiest weekend ever.
writing and thinking about so much nursing info.
thinking  and strategizing about how I'm going to study after the bridal shower.
smelling the outdoors coming in through the windows.
wishing to get good grades on my exams.
wearing t-shirt and shorts of course. I will be wearing a cute dress in like 3 hours.  
loving how calm I am right now compared to Friday when my Toshiba laptop died.  
wanting to accomplish a lot between now and the shower, and after the shower and before going to sleep.
needing to calm my nerves. I can hardly keep things down without feeling sick.   
feeling overwhelmed as always.
clicking the publish button! 

Have a great week everyone!


  1. ugh, weeks like that are killer! all you want is a break and it seems sooo far away! #nursingschoolprobs ;)

    1. haha yeah i'm glad someone (you) understands what it's like. my boyfriend doesn't.

      have a great week!