Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams.

To the man who has provided many laughs,

You have accomplished so much in your great lifetime. You grew up 20 minutes from where I live. You attended Julliard with Christopher Reeves. You have made history with spectacular films, comedy appearances, and fantastic interviews. I guess we could compare your career to a fine wine; which, only gets better as it ages. Not to mention entertaining thousands of military men and women.

Thank you for all you have done for those around you. I am sorry to say that I have only indulged in a handful of your humorous and awesome movies. I now have an itch to watch them all. You have left behind a world that adores you, friends that love you, and family that will always miss you. The world, including myself, was shocked yesterday by learning of your untimely departure from this earth. I'm sorry you had to suffer through inflicting pain and causing asphyxiation. It is hard to imagine a wonderfully, hilarious man such as yourself battling drug and alcohol abuse along side depression.

I pray for your family, friends, community, and fans comfort during this time of your tragic loss. I will always remember you as the man who embraced his femininity of Mrs. Doubtfire, his magical talents as a Genie, and extraterrestrial side in Happy Days. May you have peace in knowing your pain and sadness is no more.

A fan in disbelief

RIP Robin Williams

Best movie of all time. Oddly, watch it whenever i'm depressed..
A side note about myself and depression.
I don't really like to talk about myself and the private aspects of my emotions. I battled depression for a period of time this past year. After not passing my first nursing class correctly, I became depressed. People told me to suck it up, and just wait for the fall to start over. It is hard to hear those words, and be okay with how brutal their words were. 

I am a person who plans, and to have my plans ripped out from under me, I was devastated. You are talking about an entire year gone. I don't get to graduate when I planned or with the friends I have. I have to pay thousands dollars in extra tuition, fees, and books. I was depressed. 

The only thing keeping me going was knowing I have friends and family waiting for me at the end. I have people that love, support, and push me to be my best. I still have moments when I hate what happened, but I know that this was God's choosing. Now I need to accept what happened, be less upset, and find out why I wasn't meant to graduate in May of 2015. 

If anyone, friends, family, blogger friends, or people I don't know, are having problems; please talk to someone who will listen. Let them take what you say to heart and take it seriously. Depression isn't easy. It is a disease. It took a man that was brilliantly hilarious from this earth. 

*Thank you for reading my rant/story. I apologize if some of my grammar isn't good tonight. I am battling a migraine from this afternoon. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Currently, beach day.

I'm postponing my blogpost till tomorrow. Church was at the beach and now I'm at another beach soaking in the rays. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Currently, vol 57

New haircut! 
Mom and I at a family get together. 
I'm currently sitting on the couch. I have worked 14 days in a row. My boss gave me the day off tomorrow, Thursday, and next Monday! I am just worn out from all the working. Panera isn't a hard job, but when you have to be on your feet the entire time it's just physically demanding/exhausting. 

I'm currently finalizing all my plans for my first "senior" year at school. I have made the decision to move back on campus, but I need to tell the aunt I lived with that I will not be living with her. It's emotionally stressful. I just need to dedicate as much time as possible as the class I am re-doing this semester is vital to continuing at school. 

I'm currently working on my plans for my day off tomorrow. I thought I would sleep in, but my mom has asked me to mow the lawn, do dishes, and clean the shower. I want to go to Ikea with Chris tomorrow too. That store is just awesome. 3 stories of Swedish home products, Swedish food, and Swedish fish... I'm there. 

I'm currently relaxing as much as possible because once school starts there is no stopping. Therefore, I'm gonna go lay on the couch watching whatever is on tv on Sunday nights. (It's very limited as I don't have cable.) 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.