Sunday, August 3, 2014

Currently, vol 57

New haircut! 
Mom and I at a family get together. 
I'm currently sitting on the couch. I have worked 14 days in a row. My boss gave me the day off tomorrow, Thursday, and next Monday! I am just worn out from all the working. Panera isn't a hard job, but when you have to be on your feet the entire time it's just physically demanding/exhausting. 

I'm currently finalizing all my plans for my first "senior" year at school. I have made the decision to move back on campus, but I need to tell the aunt I lived with that I will not be living with her. It's emotionally stressful. I just need to dedicate as much time as possible as the class I am re-doing this semester is vital to continuing at school. 

I'm currently working on my plans for my day off tomorrow. I thought I would sleep in, but my mom has asked me to mow the lawn, do dishes, and clean the shower. I want to go to Ikea with Chris tomorrow too. That store is just awesome. 3 stories of Swedish home products, Swedish food, and Swedish fish... I'm there. 

I'm currently relaxing as much as possible because once school starts there is no stopping. Therefore, I'm gonna go lay on the couch watching whatever is on tv on Sunday nights. (It's very limited as I don't have cable.) 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. 

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