Friday, September 19, 2014

Well, I am a nonexistent blogger...

Pe class: takes us off campus to the driving range!
My gorgeous RA, Sara, brought us banana choc-chip bread. :)
No comment.
My best friend!
Hey everyone, so if it wasn't obvious, I haven't blogged in over 15,000 days. Well, that's a lie; it's been more like a month. In the past month, I have moved back on campus, into my amazing dorm, bonded with my sweet,crazy, and loud roomies, and have seen my best friend (pictured above) 3 times. 

I am taking four actual classes, auditing two class, working three jobs, and trying to have a social life. It isn't really happening very well, but you know, I'll have a breakdown really soon. 

Today is Friday, and I am sitting down before getting ready for work. After work, a few friends of mine and I are going downtown for the evening. It's $4 for the cta, there is a free Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert at Millenium Park, and BOGO Chipotle!! Tomorrow Lori, Jen, and I (maybe more) are going to IKEA!

So that's whats going on right now. Hopefully I will begin blogging more. Yes I am a terrible person. Well, I'm gonna go be productive now. 

Happy Friday,