Sunday, March 24, 2013

Currently: 3/24

Weekly lesson learned:
Don't give stuffed toys to TomTom.
The last day of spring break is here. Sigh... I don't really feel up to going back to school. I did practically no school work while home. I only did anatomy homework while watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Hey, it was spring break and my birthday; so therefore, I have an excuse to not do homework. I loved going to church today. It was Palm Sunday, and of course we waved our palm branches during the hymns. Our church partners up with another church to put on a cantata every Easter and Christmas, and this year it was fantastic! Something about the orchestra and voices just spoke to me. It was entitled Footprints in the Sand. I think it was a great way to begin the week leading up to Christ's death and ultimately His resurrection. Plus I am excited to wear my new Easter dress. (from Ross for $15).

reading Life of Pi. It is pretty fantastic so far! I have to read part one for tomorrow. My goal is to finish it before the Amazing race starts tonight. 
writing my philosophy paper due Wednesday. I have begun thinking about it, but who would I be if I didn't wait until the last minute as always? I promise you that procrastination is a gene written into my families DNA. My Aunt swears by it!
listening the gentle hum of my laptop, and the distant chattering of dog tags (one is currently walking around my room).
thinking about all that I need to do to drive back to school tomorrow at 6:45 am. I just didn't feel prepared to drive back tonight. Too much to read, and too much to pack. It's not like I only have 3.5 days of school this week due to Easter. 
smelling my hair shampoo from this morning combined with whiffs of flat iron. I got my hair cut yesterday. No, not picture worthy. It was just a trim. Although, I did cave into getting side bangs again. 
wishing all my friends safe drives back to school. I know a couple of people driving east along side the snow storm. So, I wish them luck and god speed. lol I just hope they arrive in one piece and not too frazzled. 
hoping to accomplish a lot of homework this week so that I can focus on family and Easter celebrations this weekend. Easter is a big deal to me. I want so badly to have Easter be refocused onto Christ and not the Easter bunny. Yes, he is cute and delish, but chocolate is only temporary. The real reason I celebrate is because of Christ's resurrection and my eternal life because of Him. 
wearing sweats and a t-shirt of course!
loving my new shoes I got for my birthday! I got Sperry's for the first time, and I think I am in love. They are so stinkin' comfy!
wanting to go for a run at least three times this week. I just am hoping that the weather will cooperate with me. Chicago's springtime is a delayed winter apparently. Every year it is so confused!
needing to check my bracket for March Madness. I am rooting for Indiana this year. I don't know why, but that is where my gut is. I typically like girl's basketball better than men's. 
feeling like writing this post was a good idea. It gave me a chance to step back and regroup before diving back into my book. It also gives me a reason to procrastinate some more. 
clicking summer job opportunities. I found this link on Pinterest, and it makes me want to work somewhere crazy this summer. Yes, it is about travel, but it has put my mind in a place to think about where to apply for jobs and such. 

I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Ooh, I read Life of Pi last year. Interested to hear what you think of it!

    My Sunday Currently Post

    1. I am liking it so far! I have read part one and some of part two. My lit class forbids us from going ahead (I will take that as a suggestion and keep reading!). Have a great week!

  2. I love Easter and all that it stands for, Christs ultimate sacrifice for us! Agreed not the Easter bunny:) have a safe trip back to school!

    Rachel Topaz n Pearls

    1. I love it too! Easter candy will only take me so far, but Christ gives me eternal life! Have a great Good Friday!

  3. it sounds like church was so lovely for you this past weekend! i'm jealous - justin & i haven't really found a church here yet, & i am missing it so much!

    1. I love my home church, but I am the same with you. I haven't found one by my college. Happy Good Friday!!