Thursday, March 14, 2013

SB 2013....

Spring Break. Oh how I love those words, and I do mean love. This semester has been terribly busy, and from here on out it will just get harder. I am supposed to work over part of spring break, but I am forgetful about having to call one of my managers to have them put me on the schedule. I am excited to go home. Home is definitely where my heart is, but I am also sad to leave my friends. I am looking forward to spending some much needed time with my fam and my doggies. I can't have too much fun since I do have papers due after spring break... Who does that? Seriously, we need a break. My profs need to calm down. They get to relax, and so should we.

Also over spring break is a sort of important day... My birthday! I will be turning 20!?!? When did this happen? I honestly don't know if I am ready to turn twenty. It sounds so weird, and I am not going to be a teenager anymore. Gah, I hate getting older. 

Oh well, I have 2 days of classes left until I depart for my homeland, my bed, my dogs, and my momma. 

What are you all doing for SB, that is if you have one still?


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