Sunday, February 17, 2013

Currently: 2/17

I miss my bud!
reading  my notes. I am working on the outline for my paper on Oedipus the King. Persuasive papers are not my thing. I like to write, but gosh who actually cares about whether Oedipus relies on fate or individual responsibility? 
writing this blog post  the above mentioned paper, anatomy homework, and a schedule for my very busy week. I need to write my resume again. I have a five year old desktop at home where my resume is currently, but I can't retrieve it when the computer won't turn on. 
listening to the amazing race! The season premiere aired tonight, and man am I stoked. There is a team on there of twin doctors from Chicago, IL. They are really from Waukegan (my hometown), and I am so excited to see them on tv!
thinking about all I need to accomplish this week. I am predicting that my week will go very fast, and it will also be lacking in sleep. I am also thinking about my microbiology bacteria. I have to make over fifty note cards full of proteobacteria and non-proteobacteria. Aren't you jealous!
smelling the weird cream that we put on dude's wound (my aunt's dog). It is made with a sulfur compound of some sorts. 
wishing  that I would have gone for that run I wanted to take today. Instead of doing that I got to hang out with my good friend Lori. I am jealous of my friend Caroline's ability to run 10 miles. She is training for an up coming half marathon. I would love to be able to do that, but it might take a while to get there. 
hoping for a good diet week. I have been eating junk, and I have no excuses! It's not hard for me to eat healthy, but the chocolate sitting on the kitchen counter calls my name very loudly. 
wearing my favorite crew neck sweatshirt and skinny jeans. 
loving my family! Today is my niece's three month birthday! Her name is Claire, and she is a cutie pie! I got to hold her for about an hour and a half last weekend!
wanting to sleep. I like my sleep, and I don't like to skimp on my sleep. I will probably be in bed by eleven, but could possibly fall asleep right now! 
needing a million dollars! I would love to be financially secure, and to be able to just focus education. I need to get a job like yesterday. 
feeling like this microbiology exam on Wednesday is going to kick my behind. I really like the subject and labs, but my professor is terrible. He gives us the hardest exams possibly. Try putting a semester's worth of typical exams, and then put them all together. That is what his exams are like. 
clicking on blogs. I am catching up on my blog reading. I don't have enough time during the week to blog regularly or to read blogs. 

Have a good week everyone!


  1. i have a lot to accomplish this week too - hopefully it won't go by tooooo fast! i am also hoping for a good diet week, too. i've been craving sweets horribly lately! oh well - time to turn over a new leaf!

    oh, & by the way, do you have a twitter account? i like to tweet all the sunday currently posts each week, & i'd love to include you in this way if you have an account. let me know :)

    1. well the sweets thing isn't going so well so far this week, but i managed to squeeze in a run on Monday. Yes, I do have a twitter. My username is @brittanylynnem. What's your's? (So I can follow you)

    2. yay for running! i'm about to head to the gym in just a little while. at least we're working out :)

      my twitter name is @siddathornton! :)

      hope you have a good week!