Sunday, January 12, 2014

Currently, vol 39.

Well, it's been an interesting week. We went from -17 to +32ish (today is supposed to be 43). I moved back to school (or my aunt's house). My room was flooded with melting snow. I have yet to see it because I slept over at my friend Lori's apartment/dorm. I am very interested in my j-term/interim course. It is mental illness on film, and so we get to watch movies everyday! I'm sorry if I am all over the place; I just don't feel like being organized with my thoughts.

The lovely polar vortex weather we had.
This was at 8 in the morning on Monday.
In honor of the dumb weather,
I made my first infinity scarf!

Lori and I had a relaxing Saturday watching movies while I crocheted a blanket!

Reading.. Grace for the Afflicted. This is the book that we are reading for my class. It is very interesting, and it takes a Biblical perspective to mental illnesses.
Writing.. answers to my professors questions. We have to answer questions about the movies and book that we go through, and that's it. No paper!

Thinking.. about a lot. It's hard to say exactly what, but I just have a lot on my mind these days.
Listening.. to Say Something. This is my new favorite song.  

Smelling.. nothing.

Wishing.. that I permanently lived in a dorm again. I really miss it.

Wearing.. my Alabama sweatshirt, flannel pj bottoms, and a blanket.

Loving.. hanging out with my friend Lori this weekend!

Wanting.. to take a nap. I am just so tired probably from doing nothing.

Needing.. to play more candy crush, but sadly I am out of lives!

Feeling.. tired.

Clicking.. Publish!

Have a great week!! 

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