Sunday, February 9, 2014

Currently, vol 40.

Happy Sunday! I am doing homework all day today (minus church), and I will accompany homework tonight by watching the Olympics! I really love the Olympics because it is a time for the world to come together despite all the things that drive countries apart. My favorite sport is probably snowboarding and skiing! I really love the sports, but I am not very good at either. I ran into a tree skiing when I was 12. I will be excited to root for Gracie Gold tonight! She lives about 45 minutes from my town! 
Go USA!!!

This week's shenanigans in Geology. hehe

Reading.. all of my lovely textbooks of course! Right now is Chronic Illness:Impact and Intervention. It is really interesting, but the chapters for class are so long!
Writing.. my responses to questions about the above mentioned book. It should take about another hour. I hope!

Thinking.. about my to-do list. I fell behind with some of my reading. I told myself, "Of course you'll have time to read... just one more hour of the Olympics are left." Gosh. Someone needs to tell me to get it together. 
Listening.. to the radio in the of Rihanna's songs I don't like. 

Smelling.. nothing right now. 

Wishing.. I was talented enough to go to the Olympics! The only sport I could go for would be volleyball. 

Wearing.. my comfy brown sweater that I wore to church, and my super warm sweatpants. 

Loving.. the sunshine! Despite all the snow and cold weather, I really do love the sun. 

Wanting.. to get back to my homework... The Olympics are my motivation for everything now. 

Needing.. for it to be Thursday already... It's going to be 32 degrees!!!! That will be the first time above freezing since last year I think?

Feeling.. sleepy. 

Clicking.. Publish!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh you live that close to Gracie gold?!!! That's awesome! I'm loving the Olympics!!:) more like obsessed with them!:) good luck with all of your reading and studying!

    1. Thanks! She trains not that far from Chicago! I'm guessing she lives here when she trains? Lots of Olympians come from the Chicago metro area especially summer athletes. Have a good week!