Sunday, February 16, 2014

Currently, vol 41.

Happy Sunday bloggers! I am in such a better mood from yesterday. Valentine's Day, I worked for 13.5 hours, and it just about killed me. I cashiered for 6 hours, and I did dishes for the remainder of the time. My hands are completely cracked and peeling. I was so exhausted that I slept for ten hours, but I was just insanely crabby and tired yesterday. I am feeling so much better! I am watching bobsledding while doing homework and blogging. I decided to skip church because there is just so much to do before needing to go to the bread bash (Panera team meetings) at 7 tonight. 
My valentine's gift from mom.
Shirt, via mocha, and Reese's!
My cuties snuggling on the couch this morning!

Reading.. lots and lots of books for school. 

Writing.. a couple of short papers this week along with re-doing my notes for my pathophysiology exam on Wednesday! 

Thinking.. about the importance of doing well with my classes this semester. I just have to keep pushing!

Listening.. to Olympic bobsledding on my iPhone since I don't have the NBCSN. So it's technically live which is awesome. I'm waiting for the Jamaican team! Cool Runnings!

Smelling.. a combo of bath and body work's soap and Reese's. 

Wishing.. There was more hours in the day or that I would be more productive. Both would be nice! 

Wearing.. a hoodie and sweats. My Sunday best! 

Loving.. the sunshine! This is a repeat of last week, but hey it's true.

Wanting.. to write my Geology paper in under an hour and a half. 

Needing.. to start exercising again. I feel so sluggish. 

Feeling.. good. 

Clicking.. Publish!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. You make me smile :) Keep pressing on, beautiful girl! You got those classes in the bag! <3