Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

That seems to be my life. For a month so far this summer, I have worked 7 days a week, ate 7 days a weeks, and somewhat slept 7 days a week. Noooo. I am not complaining. (Well kindof). I am learning so much at my new job. I am learning how to look busy and watch tv at the same time! I am not kidding. I have probably one of the most boring health aid jobs on the whole VA campus. Do I care? NOO! I am getting paid to watch tv, feed two people, and occasionally help change people.

My other job... not so much. I work like a dog at my other job; just to make minimum wage + $ 0.25. I really like that job though. The people are great, and I love most of my co-workers. I also get to bring my mom free bagels on Saturday nights.

So besides working almost 60 hours a week. I catch up on all the tv shows that I don't watch a work. I also have found the time to do a lot of laundry, Facebook checking, and sitting on my butt. (Partially) I have a new respect for adults that work more than one job like I do. I don't know how they do it on top of taking care of children and their homes. It has given me a great awakening into what my life will be like after college. (Lord willing.)

I hope everyone's summers are going well and fast. So, I can see all my Trinity friends. Hopefully I can find time to see my friends at home.

Only 66 more straight days of work for me! It's crunch time. Time to make that dough.

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