Sunday, December 29, 2013

Currently, vol 37.

Well it's the last Sunday of 2013. It has been a pretty great year all around. I have learn a lot, seen a lot, and been through a lot. I am thankful for the people in my life particularly my friend Lori. I am very excited to begin 2014 off by hanging out with her for interim! We have a board on Pinterest dedicated to a bucket list of things to do. I'm hoping to make 2014 a great year. 
This is my current view with the dogs on my bed, comfy new pjs, and Harry potter again. 

Reading.. Charlie St. Cloud. I didn't read much because I was busy at work this week. 

Writing.. Not much. I don't really want to do anything for the last week of Christmas break. Lol. 

Thinking.. That I'm sad break is ending, but I'm ready to start being productive again. 

Smelling.. The frozen waffles I just made. Leggo my eggo. 

Wishing.. For a good day off. Mom and I were bad and skipped church. We're going to see Saving Mr. Banks today. 

Wearing.. A new crew neck sweatshirt (4 bucks at old navy) and new flannel pj pants (6 bucks at old navy). 

Loving.. That I'm super sore from two days of work and working out. I like feeling the results. Except now I have what I think is a cold. Bummer. 

Wanting.. To go back to sleep. 

Needing.. To take a hot shower and get ready for the day. Lol it's already 11am. 

Feeling.. Excited for nye. My cousin Brian is getting married to his fiancĂ©e Kate on New Year's Eve! It's is going to be a crazy reception with 400 people attending! 

Clicking.. Publish before picking up my crocheting needle. 

Have a great end of 2013 and beginning to 2014! 

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