Sunday, October 5, 2014

Currently, vol 58.

Happy Sunday!!! The sun is shining, it looks like fall, and Lori and I are curled up on the couch doing absolutely nothing. Homework isn't getting done, and I don't care. Because in two weeks time, I am going to be so busy with no time to relax or sleep in. It has been a great weekend! I will do a weekend wrap up tomorrow.

Here is what's going on currently..
Reading: Seventeen magazine, a jamberry catalog, and window shopping online. I didn't bring any homework to Lori's. 
Thinking: about the fact it is going to be a 4 day week! No school on Friday!!! 
Listening: to the tv. We are watching The Parent Trap! Always a classic. 
Writing: this post and that's it. 
Smelling: nothing. 
Wishing: this weekend didn't have to end. 
Hoping: I can crank out my journal assignment for psych tonight after Once Upon A Time
Wearing: a crew neck sweatshirt and yoga pants. My favorite outfit! 
Loving: the crisp air and colorful trees! 
Wanting: Friday to be here now. Lori and I are headed to Michigan next weekend for a short camping trip! 
Needing: more people to buy tshirts from me! Thank you to the people that already have! 
Feeling: sore from our 5k yesterday.
Clicking: Publish.

Have a great week!

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