Friday, July 27, 2012

Best surprise ever.

My day yesterday and the past .few days have been so stressful. I have been having trouble with finding money for school this semester, and combined with my lack of focus and determination led to stress and a very unhappy me. I have been very happy at work, and I love my job. I just feel like work and figuring out where I can get more money has been consuming my life.

I have been trying to get my life here together. I have had no time to hang out with my friends, and I know both them and me are not happy about that. What can I say, I like making money more. I hate to say that, but it is the truth.

So, anyway that wasn't where I was going with this post. I went to the bank yesterday, and when I came home I went to the mail box. I saw an envelope addressed to me from the lodge in my town. I received a scholarship from them last summer for school, and I had re-applied for it this summer. I frantically went into the house, and I opened the envelope to a check made out to me for 1250.00 dollars!!! Let me tell you, I started crying because I was so happy after such a stressful week!!

That's it for now, and I hope to make a post about my vacation last week before too long.

P.S.  It is exactly one month to the day that I move into my new dorm!!!