Monday, August 6, 2012

3 weeks...

3 weeks until...
I pack all my belongings, well most of them, and take the hour or so drive back to college!!! I am beyond excited to see all of my lovely friends again. I think the only problem I am going to have is figuring out how to get the futon apart to put in my mom' suv. I so stoked to get back on campus, and give all of my friends a giant hug and never let go. I'm not as excited for classes because I am taking 7 classes! (Music Lit, Nutrition, PE-ish, Stats, Anatomy, Med Terminology, and Nursing Concepts) I am really excited to have time to relax since my summer was filled with non-stop working. I hope everyone's summer is winding down well. I need to end this post soon so I can get to cleaning and then off to work again.


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