Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is it Saturday?

I think it is. Today I worked at the always lovely Panera Bread, and I got off around 2:30 this afternoon. I headed home to relax for a little while. I sprained my back at work. Trust me it is as bad as it sounds; I have been sitting very still ever since. 

I went to dinner with my mom in Northbrook, and we went to a pizza place called Barnaby's. This place was around when my mom was younger than I am now. Their pizza is fantastic! It is a thin crust pizza that is super crusty and delisious! After dinner we went to Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls for window shopping. I like window shopping alot until you find something you really like. I bought a pair of Michael Kors Jeans for 30 dollars; which was a fourth of the original price. 

Last thing to mention before I go... THE HAWKS WON!!!

I am becoming a hockey fan little by little, and the Chicago Blackhawks are definitely my favorite team. I am very glad that the lockout is over, and that the games are finally underway. I hope that the season doesn't go to fast. Happy Saturday!

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