Sunday, April 13, 2014

Currently, vol 48.

I am so glad to be writing this post because it means I am at home. I survived the worst day possible at Panera. Our air conditioning wasn't working, we were so busy we had a line out the door with grumpy customers, and we ran out of bagels at 10am. This never happens. I am also glad to say I survived my first 5k. My mom, our friend Laurie, and myself all signed up for the Race to Wrigley. It is a charity race for the children's hosp in Chicago. I ran most of the race while they walked. It was a very fun experience. I now want to train for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in April.
Running in the Race to Wrigley 5k!
Yes my mother is an interesting person. 
While running, I looked up and directly in the middle of the picture, I saw
the John Hancock. This is why I love Chicago.
The ever amazing Wrigley Field (the home of the Chicago Cubs). 
So here is what's going on currently...
Reading: Textbooks, articles, and nursing journals oh my! I am ready for the semester to be over. 
Thinking: I really shouldn't be going out to Chili's with Chris and Ary tonight. I have an exam Wednesday. 
Listening: to the washer running, the cat running around, and Pompeii in the background. 
Thinking: about wanting to take a nap, but that is not in the cards today. 
Smelling: the dark chocolate pomegranate thingys I was snacking on. 
Wishing: for sunny weather. We had a hail storm yesterday, and I heard it was pretty bad. Chicago didn't get hit, but my home which is straight north of the city did.
Hoping: for the week to go by slowly, or that I can get the proper amount of studying done between now and Wed @ 8am. 
Wearing: My work clothes still.
Loving: the warmer weather! Tomorrow is supposed to be 40, but other than that 50/60s are fantastic. 
Wanting: for finals to be done and over. 
Needing: a weekend to myself. 
Feeling: apprehensive about the week ahead. 

Have a great week everyone.

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