Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not to shabby.

I have been going crazy! Why? Because my room was disaster. I was only about halfway unpacked from coming home from college, but there was stuff everywhere!!! Let me tell you: 2 laundry baskets, over 100 books on the floor, containers of college things, buckets of hair products and nail stuff, and all of my usual things. So I decided to look online for a bookshelf. I found a $20 bookshelf and a 20% off coupon for Target. I figured that if I bought a bookshelf that I would actually clean my room. I was right! It took 20 minutes to put the shelf together, and 5 hours to clean and rearrange my room. Here's a picture of my new bookshelf... We will see how long my room will stay clean!
This is it!

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