Thursday, November 28, 2013


def: expressing gratitude and relief
"an earnest and thankful prayer"

I am thankful. There is something everyday, hour, and minute I could be thankful for and never say something twice. As stressed and exhausted and how terrible I have felt over the past semester, I am extremely blessed. This life I have is amazing. I have uh-mazing friends and family. I have a great job despite my complaints from standing on my feet all day. I have a roof over my head at all times even if it isn't a dorm like I want. I have a reliable car even though the check engine light is on, it's rusting, and has a pretty rough idle. I love that I have debt because that means I have the ability to spend money/get an education without blinking my eyes. I truly have a great life, and I need to remember that even when I am having a terrible day or get a bad grade on a nursing exam because I am blessed. God is so good. He truly is, and I forget that sometimes. So, I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving, and lets stuff our faces with food while being thankful for what we have, who is around us, and that we are alive!

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