Sunday, March 23, 2014

21st Birthday!

I was born on March 21, 1993 @ 6:22 a.m. to two loving parents. I was born five weeks early; which my original due date was the 28th of April. I was 4 lbs. 15 oz and who knows how long. So this year my birthday was: On a Friday, My golden bday, and obviously my 21st!

I woke up at 6:20 because it is tradition with my mom and I to be awake at the time I was born. I laid in bed until 6:30 because I knew my mom was wrapping my gifts. We ate coffeecake for breakfast, and I definitely contemplated having either a shot or a Mike's hard lemonade with it. At 9, I got my stitches taken out after having my wisdom teeth out over spring break! Fun times.
I got the 5 year journal, Catching Fire (with/popcorn + 100 grand bar),
iTunes, 21 button, and a shot glass!
As well as money to spend at the casino. :)

Mom and I went to Wildberry (which is a breakfast/lunch place with amazing food) to meet my Grandma for a late breakfast. The food was good, and the company was great. I got a caramel latte, and a bacon/cheddar omelet with hashbrowns and pancakes. I was full for probably seven hours.

The surprise cake they brought while I was alone at the table.
Mom and grandma both went to pay or something. 
After breakfast, we headed a mile down the road to the DMV. I wanted more than anything to get my license changed. We spend maybe thirty minutes waiting in one line just to go the cashier/sit to wait again to get my picture taken.

My mom and her best friend Laurie took me to Rivers Casino for a night of fun. I spent seventy dollars of birthday money, and I didn't win anything! I had many drinks, and I felt great. lol We went to the steakhouse they had at the casino, and boy it was expensive. I got the cheapest thing on the menu for 14 dollars. We got home around 1am, and I went straight to sleep. I had a terrible headache yesterday, and doing homework was absolutely terrible.

I am happy to share my birthday with someone I have grown up with for a long time. My neighbor Chelsea also turned 21 on the same day! We are 6 hours apart, and I am older!
Playing the slots since I don't know how to gamble!
Laurie, Mom, and I.
Now back to reality of homework, homework, and more homework.

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