Sunday, March 9, 2014

Currently, vol 44.

Well, it has been an action packed week for me, and boy, I am glad to be relaxing in bed. I had school Mon, Tues, and Wed. I worked on Thurs and Fri. I went out with friends on Friday and all day Saturday, and church and errands today with mom. I like being social, but it drains me and my wallet quickly. So here is what is going on currently...

Cookies and cream froyo with mini peanut butter cups and strawberries. love.
Reading.. The Fault in Our Stars. I am really starting to get into it! 

Writing.. nothing yet. I am not doing homework until maybe Thursday? Spring Break is the bomb.

Thinking.. about how well this whole losing an hour think went. I am not overly tired, and it is just officially dark out! 

Listening.. my new love. I am watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. 

Smelling.. and indulging in delicious jelly beans.

Wishing.. for my wisdom teeth surgery to go smoothly on Tuesday.

Wearing.. a t-shirt and sweatpants. This will probably never change. I am not complaining.

Loving.. not having to go to class this week.

Wanting.. to watch netflix all night. I am gonna do it. 

Needing.. to be productive this week as well as have fun 

Feeling.. happy about longer amounts of daylight.

Have a great week!

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