Sunday, March 23, 2014

Currently, vol 46.

Well this week has been a blast. Busy at school, work @ Panera, and my 21st bday. I just finished my bday recap. Today will be a busy day of lots of homework, and installing a new water heater. Our basement half flooded, and we have no hot water. Therefore, no shower till it's fixed.
Finally 21!
Reading.. The Fault in Our Stars. I am still reading it, and it is a great book to pick up and continue after a long day of learning or work. 

Writing.. in my new 5-year journal I received for my bday. It asks the same question everyday for five years. 

Thinking.. about all the homework I should have accomplished yesterday.  

Listening.. to Catching Fire in the background. I seriously love this movie! 

Smelling.. nothing. 

Wishing.. for warmer weather. I am thankful there is no snow, but getting out of the 30s would be better.

Wearing.. a sweatshirt and pj pants. This is my go-to Sunday outfit before church, but since we have no hot water.. no church for us. 

Loving.. the sunshine. It is coming through my window, and it is so bright! 

Wanting.. to find food for breakfast. I ate a hard-boiled egg; not filling at all. 

Needing.. to go for another run yesterday. I took tommy out yesterday, and we went maybe a half mile because it was so cold. Also a lady had her dog off it's leash (city law: dogs must have a leash). She proceeded to tell me she didn't care, and she definitely called me a bad name. Jerk. 

Feeling.. so much better than yesterday. My head killed because of the alcohol from Friday night. Oh well. 

Have a great week!

P.S. The Blackhawks won on my birthday!! We watched the game at the bar in the casino! 


  1. Found you in Lauren's blog link-up. :-)

    I have been trying to get myself a copy of the book - The Fault In Our Stars - but have been unlucky. I want to read it before I watch the movie. Is it a tearjerker?

    1. I love her link up! It is so fun to read about other people's "currently"!

      The book is actually kind of funny! So far it is just witty and fun. I am about halfway! I hope you can snag a copy somewhere!

  2. Happy 21st! I hope you had a great one!

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you're having a good week... soon to be weekend!