Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh, what a day...

So, today was Sunday for me. I really wanted to get my bedroom walls painted today, but it was way to humid to do so. I touched up a few spots on the ceiling only to find more that I missed this evening. I went to Old Navy because I had super cash to spend and $10 in rewards there. I bought 2 dresses, 1 shirt, and 1 pair of work pants. I paid 26 dollars! I don't really buy myself clothes often for fear of me losing weight and wasting my money on clothes fitting temporarily. Here is a picture of a dress that I got for 90% off!
It's more of a fall dress, but it is so comfy!
Not bad for 3 bucks!
On another note, has anyone else been having crazy weather? I feel like I have moved to Washington. It is either hot and humid or cold and rainy. The past week has been insanely foggy in the morning, and it has been this evening as well. The picture below kind of shows the fog. (Sorry iPhone pic) I live less than a mile from Lake Michigan, and this affects the weather a ton! If you drive west, you can watch the temperature climb within miles. It is so weird to leave work, and by the time I get home it is 10 degrees cooler. Cross your fingers for me, that it won't be humid in the morning! I want/need to paint today as my work week starts at 4pm tomorrow!

Hope you all had a good Tuesday!

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