Monday, June 16, 2014

Time for a fresh start.

I have made the decision to redecorate and paint my bedroom. While deciding what to do, what to purchase, and what color to paint my walls, I have been cleaning, sorting, recycling, and donating a lot of things. In the process I have found my stash of gas receipts from the whole semester. With my crazy semester this spring, I decided to calculate how many miles I drove and how much I spent on gas. So here are the stats:
This is where all my money goes...
-20 fill-ups from mid-January to mid-May
-$595.50 spent on regular unleaded gas
-4,520.6 miles traveled

Anyway, I have bought the paint, and I am pleased with my choice (so far). It is a super light grey called feather lite by Dutch Boy from Menards.

It's the color on the left, but due to not good lighting it looks more creme than grey.
Now, I just need a not so humid day/day off of work to paint my ceiling and walls!

I'll post an update on life eventually.

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