Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Confined to a 12' x 12' room.

Oh, the college life full of late nights, long papers, loud alarm clocks, and one tiny dorm room! I'm not necessarily confined, but limited to where I live compared to being at home. I have already been living in South Hall, the oldest and a/c lacking dorm on campus, for over 11 weeks(but absolutely love it here)! I absolutely love my floor, and my roommates. I thought it would be a rough transition from  high school to college. No home sickness for me, cause the girls on my floor are amazing friends and are always an open door away.

I always thought college would be really, really, really hard, but I was only half wrong its easy homework wise and just really hard paper wise. I have written thousands of words, and received mediocre grades for my efforts. I could lie, and say that I am always 100% prepared for class, but i'm soooo not. Procrastination from high school showed up in the form of Facebook, Wii, and tons of new friends. It also doesn't help that i'm blogging about all this; so until next time.... my homework is calling. (But I may just avoid it for Facebook) Adios!

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