Monday, November 14, 2011

Stress, Little Sleep, and Registration.

Not my favorite, but when you throw a chemistry exam in as well; I would start to freak out! I have been told that the average for the exam was a 62. WHAT? Now I'm stressed to find out my grade!

I'm starting to get excited because Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas too! But... that means I have to register for next semester already! (If you couldn't tell this is going to be a stressful blog post.) Last night, Stark floor, and everyone else registered for their interim class.
Hmm? More stress you say?
From 15 people in the small lounge, to screaming, to trying to pick the class before it filled up, to popup blockers, and not to mention mass chaos.
I bet you are wondering if I got the class I wanted? You betcha.

I am extremely excited to participate in this two week course. It is called Love, Relationships, and Marriage (I think). What's even more exciting is I am taking it with my entire suite and most likely more people. I can't wait to take this class with my friends, and learn about one of my favorite subjects.

I am off to start homework, until 9pm for Bible study.... which out of odd coincidence is being taught by our RD's wife on Love and Marriage. How awesome!

Ciao for now!

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