Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homework Break

It is officially 13 1/2 hours until I am free from homework....

Well at least for 5 days. I am in the middle of composing my 5 page paper for my group presentation tomorrow. I am also beginning to run out of things to say, and instead of writing my paper I have:

1) Eaten Ramen
2) Listened to iTunes
3) Watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy
4) Wandered down the hallway
5) Checked Facebook for the tenth time
6) and..... I am currently and obviously updating my blog!

My original intention of writing this blog was to blog about something I am thankful for on Tuesday before Turkey Day.

I am very thankful for homework.
hmm... that sounds bad.
No, I am thankful for homework because when I finish an assignment I am free and that burden is off my shoulders. I love the feeling of accomplishment and relief of stress.

So... in order to feel the above emotions I am going to publish this blog, and finish my paper!

Ciao for now!

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