Friday, March 9, 2012

All over the place.

Hmmm. I'm already missing my 30-day blog challenge.  It was so much fun to take five to ten minutes out of my day to say, "Hey, here's something new about me or another picture of me and no makeup. :)." I will probably do another challenge that I found googling.  I will probably post more of what's going on in my life and random crap cause not having my facebook is starting to kill me!

Today is Friday March 9th, and today was a great day. I am sitting on my bed at home surrounded by college stuffing coming home, dirty clothes, untouched homework, and a suitcase. Why? Because...


I am so glad to say that I made it halfway through my semester. I have had a good and bad semester from laughing, knitting, and re-arranging the room again to late night starbucks drinks and a 55% on my chemistry exam that I underestimated.  So, I am glad to say that I most definitely passed the chemistry exam I took today, and got to come home for the first time in probably 5 weeks. Best part about coming home is the second I open the door I am greeted by this little hairball...

Sorry for the poor quality, but this is Terra. She is
part Jack-Russel Terrier and part Wire-fox Terrier.
And I love her to death!
I am excited to catch up on sleep, relax, work out, go window shopping, and catch up on the much needed free laundry and home cooked meals!

I guess that's it for now.

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