Thursday, September 27, 2012


This weekend Lori and I went on a Pinterest diy craft adventure. We had a lot of success and one failure. We went to Meijer and Michael's to get our needed supplies. First we did spray paint t-shirts. 

spray paint and masking tape. looks like fun!
The idea....

The after affect. (We washed to quickly.)

Our second craft for the night was decorating pumpkins. Mine was a mini-real pumpkin, and Lori's was a large, fake pumpkin. It was super cute. 

√ Glow in the dark puff paint instead of carving.
Pinterest version.

My pumpkin.

Lori's pumpkin.
Our third craft was delicious...

√ doughnut holes, nutella, sprinkles and pretzels make cute little fall acorn snacks!
Lastly, we painted thin canvases to decorate the dorms, and while at the store I ruined my jeans and Toms. Oh well. 
Pinterest Version.

Mine are the green, blue, and green-blue ones on the left and middle.
Lori's are the blue and purple ones; which are gorgeous!
It was such a fun weekend doing crafts and watching The Cinderella Story and Fired Up!

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