Sunday, May 26, 2013

Currently, vol. 14

Hey everyone out there in cyber world. I am typing this at 10:45 pm on Sunday night while attempting to keep my eyes from closing. This has been an insane week. I have worked 29 hours in 3 days at Panera, and I still have a 9 hour shift on Tuesday. I really have an urge to just write a post about working at Panera. We get the craziest customers who eventually ask what a bread bowl is. Excuse me? How doesn't that make sense? I am looking forward to having the day off of work tomorrow; since, I am going on a date.

Pretty tulips in my front yard.

The sunset leaving work!

The drive-in in WI we went to last night.
They played Fast 6 and Hangover 3.
We didn't get home till 2 am!

reading nothing sadly. I really want to crack open a book for fun reading before the stress of nursing school begins in August.
writing and creating a new resume. I have a dinky little one from high school that is very outdated. 
listening to my two dogs snoring. 
thinking about the scholarships I need to be working on, but I am watching Harry Potter instead. 
smelling nothing?
wishing that I won that 600 million dollar lottery last week!
hoping to finish the jewelry box that I am painting ombre pink. 
wearing a pcb t-shirt and sweats with my hair in a bun and smeared makeup from my nap. lol
loving how the sun is setting way later now. It makes me so happy. 
wanting to have a peaceful night's sleep.  
needing to remember to set my alarm Tuesday to go to work. Having this day off tomorrow might be a bad idea. 
feeling stressed financially.(again same from last week)
clicking the resume button on Harry Potter. 

Good night and have a great week!


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    1. Thanks! We are going to chipotle and the movies to finally see Iron Man 3.